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Harmonic enhancement: In the master or individual tracks? (Can you hear the difference?)
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EQ demonstration HF bell boost
What is the difference between recording, mixing, and mastering?
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Drums clipped, compressed, EQed, then reverbed, going from clean sound to total madness.
What is the Neve sound? (Using the Slate Digital FG-73)
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Parallel compression three ways using the Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack FG-401 compressor
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Loudness normalization using the Waves WLM Plus loudness meter
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Bad Audio Diary BAD7: Make the dialog stand out from the background
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Microphones - Will we always connect them to a preamplifier?
Spend $40,000 building a studio, and get it all back!
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The room you have right now that you can't use as a recording studio
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Mixing tips debunked? Or maybe not.
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When you are mixing, what is the first thing you should do? What's the last? What should you NOT DO?
Better theatre sound through proper loudspeaker placement
How to edit out pops in speech or singing
The best hardware equalizer ever!
Should you use an equalizer for monitoring in the studio?
PREVIEW: How to set the low frequency controls of the Pultec EQ on kick drum (inc. the Pultec trick)
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Comparing the cardioid microphone polar pattern at 0 and 90 degrees
Comparison between omnidirectional and cardioid microphone polar patterns
Bad Audio Diary BAD6: Boris Johnson moves his microphone in the House of Commons
Comparing the cardioid microphone polar pattern at 0 and 90 degrees
Bad Audio Diary BAD5: Gabbie Hanna sings a monstrous high note
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Side chain compression without a side chain input
Waves J37 harmonic enhancement on female vocal with three tape types
A quick demonstration of pan law
How to EQ bass guitar using the Pultec EQP-1A
How to set the low frequency controls of the Pultec equalizer on kick drum (inc. the Pultec trick)
Setting microphone preamplifier gain for both headroom and signal to noise ratio
Waves CLA 76 compressor plug-in on snare drum (Universal Audio 1176 emulation)
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The Audio Masterclass Course Tour
Clipping and compressing a drum recording to achieve an exciting sound texture
Compressing the kick drum using different methods for interesting effects
Making a track with Ableton Live, reFX Nexus 2, Lennar Digital Sylenth and Reveal Sound Spire
Additive Synthesis From First Principles
STC 4038 Ribbon Microphone
Band splitting and processing a bass guitar
The importance of neat topping and tailing
Recordings of speech by newly starting Audio Masterclass students
A demonstration of compression on female vocal focusing on the ratio and gain make-up controls
Mixing and enhancement of a recording of drums
Two microphone preamplifiers compared at Abbey Road Studio 2 - tube and transistor
Recordings of acoustic guitar by Audio Masterclass students
Waves CLA-76 compressor plug-in on snare drum (Universal Audio 1176 emulation)
AmpliTube Marshall JTM 100 demo
AmpliTube Fender Bassman demo
AmpliTube Fender Twin Reverb demo
Demonstrating the polar response of an omnidirectional microphone
Cymbal recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone
Microphone scratch test
Demonstrating the Waves J37 analog tape emulation plug-in and comparison with a real tape recorder
The Making of a CD: SinFiction's 'Led By Verses'
Click removal at the start of a track
When is a click not a click? When should you fix a click, and when should you leave it alone?
Noise problem at the end of a mix
Microphone preamplifier comparison by Audio Masterclass
Achieving the 'mastered sound' while keeping a wide dynamic range
Low-level recording of speech
The frequency balance of a HIT RECORD!
Shure SM57 and AKG C451 microphones compared
Stereoizing an electric guitar with pitch change
Vocal harmony effects
Spin echo with low-pass filter
The importance of editing speech cleanly
Adding stereo echo to an acoustic guitar
Children's choir recording problem
Comparison between tube mic+pre and solid-state mic+pre
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