The Audio Masterclass Professional Course in Mixing

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Want to make pro-standard mixes in your own home recording studio? Now you can!

The Audio Masterclass Professional Course in Mixing – Full online course leading to your Audio Masterclass Certificate on completion.

  • The challenge: To make mixes in your own home studio that sound as good as those made by professional mix engineers.
  • The problem: Your mixes are muddy, lack drive and impact, the instruments are confused and the vocal unclear.
  • The solution: Work with our professionally-made multitrack recordings in your own DAW, learn how to mix each one to perfection. Then use the skills you have learned in your own work.

Get great experience in mixing

  • Professionally-made multitrack recordings, compatible with all DAWs
  • Online access through the Audio Masterclass Learning Centre
  • All course materials downloadable
  • Start by mixing drums with original recordings made in Abbey Road Studio 3
  • Continue with full multitrack recordings with all individual tracks in .WAV format
  • Styles ranging from light pop to heavy rock
  • Detailed information and audio examples on optimizing individual instruments and vocals
  • Breakdowns and partial mixes
  • Step-by-step guides to mixing
  • Example mixes
  • The producers’ own reference mixes
  • 12 practical assignment projects
  • Assessment of your practical assignment projects (requires upgrade)
  • Tutor support
  • Student advice team
  • Complete in 12 weeks or spread your course out over up to two years
  • Study when and where you like
  • Available worldwide (we have students in more than 100 countries)
  • Your Audio Masterclass Certificate on completion of your course
  • 30-day full-refund, no-quibble guarantee

Twelve modules – everything you need in mastering from start to finish

  • Basic mastering processes
  • Investigation of clipping
  • Equalizing the mix
  • Compressing the mix
  • Limiting
  • Low-frequency merge
  • Crossfading
  • Stereo width
  • Dropout repair
  • Harmonic generation and warmth
  • Multiband compression
  • Mastering project

How you will learn in your course

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course works by online distance learning. We have students in more than 120 countries all around the world. All you need to come on the course is a basic home studio setup and an internet connection, and of course a strong desire to produce recordings of fully professional quality in your own home studio.

With Audio Masterclass, you will learn basic studio techniques, mixing and creative recording. Following completion of your course, you can go on to enroll in our Professional Courses with topics such as Equalization, Compression, Reverb & Effects, Mixing and Mastering.

Tutorials and videos

Course instruction is through world-class online textbook materials, audio tutorials, and supplementary video materials where appropriate. We show you the important techniques of audio that professionals use every day, and you can use yourself in your own home studio. All of the course materials are available online, and also enhancement learning materials including videos shot at Abbey Road Studios 2 and 3. You can print, save or download all of your course materials as you wish to keep permanently.

Audio examples

Our tutorials and videos are supported by a wealth of audio examples, which are also downloadable. We recommend that you load these examples into your digital audio workstation so that you can listen to them in exactly the same way as when you’re recording yourself.

Many of the audio examples will show you what you should aim to achieve, whether the topic is EQ, compression, mixing, mastering etc. Others will show you how things can go wrong – and we’ll show you clearly the difference between good audio and bad, and explain the reasons why.

Practical projects

The best way to learn audio is to *do* audio – recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering. And don’t forget the importance of close, attentive listening. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

So the Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course features a range of practical projects relating to the modules of the course. The practical projects will set you a task to complete, show you how to do it and point out what could go wrong. And when you have completed your project, you can compare your work with our examples – many of which are created by Audio Masterclass students.

Student advice team

All Audio Masterclass students have access to our Student Advice Team for the full duration of their enrollment. You can ask questions on any of the course topics and receive a personal response.


Because Audio Masterclass works by distance learning, you can learn entirely at your own pace. There is no set schedule and you can move quickly or slowly through the course as you wish and take breaks at any time.


Your Audio Masterclass enrollment will be valid for one full year, which is easily more than enough time to complete your course. You can save, print or download all of your course materials to keep permanently.

Your Audio Masterclass Certificate

Although no certificate can guarantee you a job in the audio or music industry, you will want something to commemorate your success on your Audio Masterclass course. Your course will lead to the award of your Audio Masterclass Certificate, which becomes available for download when you have completed 80% of your course or more.

Diploma upgrade option

As well as your Audio Masterclass certificate, it is also possible to achieve the Audio Masterclass Diploma. This is a traditional paper diploma with our signature, stamp, and seal, sent to you by mail anywhere in the world.

The Audio Masterclass Diploma is assessed through practical assignment projects, one in each module, that are submitted online for assessment.

When all of your practical assignment projects have been assessed to a satisfactory standard, your success on the course will be noted and your Audio Masterclass Diploma prepared and mailed to you.

Assessments of your practical assignment projects leading to your Audio Masterclass Diploma on successful completion of your course is a paid-for option, at $277 USD in addition to your regular course fee. You must be enrolled on an Audio Masterclass course before adding the Assessments and Diploma upgrade.

Our experience in audio education

Audio Masterclass has experience in audio education going back to 1986. We have been running online courses since 2001 which is longer than any other audio training provider on the web.


At Audio Masterclass we want to give you the fastest, most effective route towards a professional standard of work in your own home studio – a standard that is fully equal to professional studios and commercial releases.

We do this through effective, comprehensive instruction through tutorials and/or videos, audio examples, and practical projects that relate closely to real-world professional practice.

If you want to make fast progress, then Audio Masterclass is here to help.

What you will learn in your course

Your Audio Masterclass course includes a massive wealth of learning content, audio examples, and practical projects. And as well as all the knowledge, skills, and experience you will gain, your Audio Masterclass Certificate will be available for download on completion of your course. (Diploma upgrade also available.)

Mixing drums

Mixing drums: In this first module of your mixing course, we will ask you to mix a recording of drums, made by Audio Masterclass in Abbey Road Studio 3. We will also demonstrate some alternative recorded drum sounds that have been very widely used over the years.

Project: Work with and mix recordings of drums made with microphone setups ranging from a single mic, two mics in the doubly-equidistant configuration, four mics in the Glyn Johns configuration, through to the currently popular 8-mic setup for a five-drum drum set.

Midnite Star

Midnite Star is a song that has been very cleanly recorded and is straightforward to mix. This is great as a first step into mixing, where hardly anything can go wrong. As in all of the modules, detailed advice is given with audio examples.

Project: Midnite Star is clearly a very strong song, and with a song as strong as this, the mix needs to be simple and without embellishments. Otherwise you could easily find that some of the good features of the song are obscured.


Clouds is another very cleanly recorded song. It is typical of the genre of cute ukulele-based songs that is very popular in TV and video backgrounds or introductions. It is very useful to learn how to mix this style of production.

Project: To get a feel for this song, it might be a good idea to start by mixing the tracks without EQ, compression, reverb or any processing, only using faders and pans. Indeed, this is a good discipline for practising mixing in general.

I Should've Run To You

As the course progresses, the mixes become more complete and more challenging. But here we are still in relatively easy-to-mix territory. Just mix I Should’ve Run To You how you would like to hear it.

Project: This recording is a lesson in itself on how a strong, powerful sound can be created using comparatively few instruments. It may sound simple, but years of experience are required to be able to achieve such simplicity, where everything sounds magically right.


As a mix engineer you will need to be able to work with all genres of music. In this module you will mix Kapow!, a jazz song with a very solid vocal performance.

Project: This song is in a rather different style to many of the other modules of the course, but by now you should be gaining the confidence to cope well with whatever material comes your way.


This song has a lovely funky vibe and is exceptionally well-recorded. It is straightforward to get a good mix, but there is scope to aim just that little bit higher and squeeze every last drop of quality from the multitrack recording of DAWG FM.

Project: The funky vibe of the song is enhanced mostly in mixing the drums. In nearly all mixes you need to get a good drum mix before anything else is likely to work well. In this song however, a great drum mix is absolutely vital.

It Would Be So Easy

Now we’re getting to the more challenging songs! It Would Be So Easy is well-recorded, but it is complex with multiple acoustic and electric guitars to cope with. As always, the course gives detailed advice and shows you how to construct your mix step-by-step.

Project: The individual track recordings here are very clean and require little in the way of correction. So the task of mixing is therefore the task of blending the sounds to perfection.


This module is a real challenge. Although it is possible to get a great mix from this multitrack recording, it isn’t easy at all. The original tracks of Pretending are difficult to blend well. It is vitally important however that you can work with all kinds of material, even the most challenging.

Project: This is an unusual recording, as it was not intended ever to be heard by the public. It is a song demo and the recording has the tough task of trying to sell this song to a recording artist. The requirement of the mix therefore is that it should present the song simply and effectively.

The Woodcutter's Wife

By this point in the course, you will have gained a lot of confidence in mixing. The Woodcutter’s Wife features an exceptionally creative bridge section that will fire your imagination when mixing.

Project: This track has an interesting feature. It has a bridge segment that is entirely different to the rest of the song. This means that effectively you have to make two mixes – one of the main parts of the song, and one of the bridge. Naturally, both have to dovetail together so that there is no musical discontinuity.

Hard To Let Go

Hard To Let Go is recorded to a very high level of professionalism. It isn’t easy to mix however – not if you want to get the best out of it. At this point in the course you will spend as much time listening as you do operating the controls of your digital audio workstation.

Project: Our advice here is to pick out a complex section of the song and mix that to your satisfaction. Then work on the other sections and adjust what you need to in order to get a satisfactory result from beginning to end.

All Or Nothing

We couldn’t resist the temptation to include a full-on rock song in this course. The challenges in All Or Nothing will prepare you to work with powerful guitars and drums, and put them together to make an even more powerful mix.

Project: All Or Nothing is a full-on rock track. Although the song hits the listener head on between the ears, there are many layers of complexity that a successful mix can bring out.

Man For All Seasons

Rounding off the course is this exceptionally well-recorded, but also exceptionally challenging song. Although you will have achieved a significant level of skill by this point in the course, Man For All Seasons will show you that mixing is never easy – not if you want to achieve the very best results every time!

Project: This is a real powerhouse of a song. A full drum kit is supplemented by a thrashing drum loop; there are layers of guitars and backing vocals. Above all soars a screaming rock vocal. Your job is to make sense of this multitrack recording. When there is a lot going on in a song, it is easy for all of the sounds to blend together into a kind of ‘grey goo’ where you can hear a lot of noise, but not very much music.

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