How Audio Masterclass will help you become a better producer in your own home recording studio


Online Distance Learning

Work in your own home recording studio

Audio Masterclass works entirely by online distance learning. We have students all around the world in every continent except Antarctica (but just a matter of time...) You can study the course materials anywhere that you have access to the Internet. We strongly suggest that you load the audio examples files into your digital audio workstation so that you can listen in detail on your studio monitors or studio-grade headphones, in the same way as a professional recording engineer or producer would. You can work on the practical assignment projects in your own home recording studio.


Online distance learning is one of the most popular ways to learn worldwide. Many schools, colleges and universities have online divisions, bringing education and training into the digital age.

Work Free From Distractions

When you want to study, listen to the audio examples files, or work on your practical assignment project, you just get to work - as simple as that. In a conventional school or college you need to travel there, allow time for delays en route, wait for your tutor to turn up, follow the class in a set pattern, work at the pace of the slowest in the group etc. With online distance learning, you can get straight to work and learn without delays or distractions.


We're friendly! We like to encourage our students in the most helpful, friendly way possible.

Flexible Learning

Work When You Like

You can study your Audio Masterclass course whenever you like. There is no set schedule. This makes it very easy to work on the course around your other activities. Most of our students either have full-time jobs or they are already full-time students in education. This would make a conventional course very difficult to attend and work around other important activities.


Tip: Although there is no set schedule for your Audio Masterclass course, you will almost certainly make faster progress if you set your own schedule of days and times when you will work on the course. This makes it easier to plan and make steady, rapid progress.

Take Breaks When You Like

It is possible to complete your Audio Masterclass course in 12 weeks, or even faster if you want to work more quickly. But you can spread your course out over up to one full year if you wish. (All course materials can be printed, saved or downloaded to keep permanently.) You can take breaks from your course any time you like. You don't even have to tell us you are taking a break. Take your vacation or work on another project - then just pick up where you left off whenever you wish.



Tutor Support

Assessments of Your Practical Work

At Audio Masterclass we listen to all of your practical assignment projects. The course is assessed purely on your practical work. We will listen in detail to your work for each project, which you will submit online, then give you detailed comments on what you're doing right, where you might be going wrong, and what you can do to improve.


Tip: We will be looking for a highly professional standard in your work. We will give you all the advice you need to achieve this.

Resubmit Assignments

Where there are significant problems with an assignment, we will give you detailed advice on what is going wrong and how to correct it. You can then amend your work, or start again if you wish. Then you can resubmit for our reconsideration. We only put forward your corrected work towards your certificate. Unlike many conventional schools and colleges, you always have the opportunity to have your best work considered. Prior attempts that haven't gone so well are not counted towards your certificate.



Student Advice Team

You're not on your own with Audio Masterclass! We are always ready to help and answer your questions. We will support you via email all the way through your course. Whether you have a question about how the course runs, where you are in your progression towards completion, or you're having a problem with an assignment, we are here to help.


Tip: When we receive a question concerning course content, we often put any necessary clarification into the course materials. This way the course keeps up to date with students' problems and concerns.

Choose Your Own Path

Your Course, Your Way

You're not on a treadmill with Audio Masterclass! We want you to learn in the way that is exactly best for you. Some of our students want technical knowledge and dive deep into the knowledge content. Others want to develop listening skills and concentrate on the audio example files. Some consider practical skills to be most important, so they spend most of their time on the practical assignment projects. You will need to complete the practical assignment projects if you want to achieve your Audio Masterclass certificate, but other than that everything is entirely up to you.


Tip: Take full advantage of the 'pick and choose' nature of the course. Learn exactly what you need that's best for you.

Show Off Your Abilities

While we do have exacting professional standards at Audio Masterclass and we will expect you to work to the highest level of professionalism, that doesn't mean that you can't show off your own skills. We love hearing some of the amazing things that Audio Masterclass students can do. So when, for instance, we are assessing the technical and sound quality of a student's recording, we will be thrilled by their amazing guitar playing, or whatever other skills they have to offer. And when we hear something we like, we will definitely tell you how much we like it!


Tip: You don't have to be a musician yourself to benefit from the Audio Masterclass. If you have musician friends, that's just as good. You can even follow most of our courses all the way through without any musicians. Our courses are that flexible.

Practical Assignment Projects


Audio Masterclass is all about doing audio, in your own home recording studio. You can't learn just from reading, or watching videos. You have to get involved and make recordings. Each of the modules of the course has a practical assignment project in which we will ask you to carry out elements of audio skills, from basic to advanced. We'll show you what to do, then ask you to do it. We're looking for precision, and no faults. But the projects also leave room for you to show off your full range of skills.




We listen to all of your practical assignment work, which is submitted online. We'll give you detailed comments and advice. We'll tell you what you're doing right, where you're going wrong, and how to improve. And if you've done a great piece of work, we'll heartily congratulate you. We're firm but fair. If something isn't right, we'll tell you clearly. And if you do something really good, we'll tell you exactly how pleased and delighted we are.



Assignment Notes

Each assignment comes with detailed notes and audio examples on how the assignment should be carried out in order to achieve a good result. If you follow all of the advice closely, then you should be able to achieve a good result at the first try. If not, then you can always have another go and resubmit.



Audio Examples Library

Audio Examples

Audio Masterclass courses contain hundreds of audio example files. These are used to explain key audio concepts starting from frequency and level, through audio problems like noise and distortion, all the way up to examples of good and bad recordings, good and bad mixes, good and bad masters.


Tip: You should load the audio examples files into your digital audio workstation so that you can listen in detail on your studio monitors or studio-grade headphones.

Knowledge Content and Multimedia Material

Knowledge Content

The knowledge components of your course contain all of the technical knowledge you will need as a recording engineer or music producer. We've put in everything you need, and we have included special sections with more in-depth knowledge, if that's what you want. But we won't overload you with information that a working professional wouldn't need or want. The knowledge content is extensive, and at the same time concise and to-the-point. You'll find yourself dipping into it every day as you work on the practical assignments.


Tip: You don't need to learn the theory if you don't want to. You can stick to the audio example files and practical assignment projects if you wish.


Your course will include multimedia enhancement content consisting of audio and video material made by Audio Masterclass at London's Abbey Road studios, famous for being where The Beatles recorded. You can load the audio material, recorded in 24-bit/96-kHz 'Studio Master' quality, into your digital audio workstation for precise auditioning. The accompanying videos show exactly how the recordings were made.


Tip: Some of our students say the the multimedia content is the best part of their course!

Earn Your Audio Masterclass Certificate and Make Your Own Showreel

Your Certificate

When you have successfully completed all twelve of the practical Aasignment projects of your course and we have assessed and approved your work, you will receive your Audio Masterclass certificate. We will prepare and send your certificate to you by mail. You can frame it and hang it on your studio wall to impress your music partners and clients.


Tip: Your Audio Masterclass certificate recognizes your achievement and is something of which you can be really proud.

Your Industry-Standard Showreel (Course Code 1000)

Although a certificate from Audio Masterclass will look great on your studio wall, the truth is that the professional industry doesn't much care about certificates. They are only interested in what you can do! And to demonstrate your skills to the pro industry you need a showreel, like all the other pros have. A showreel is a CD or DVD demonstrating a composer's, engineer's or producer's best work. In Module 12 you will create your own showreel that stands comparison with the best in the industry. A showreel that will get you listened to and get you work.


Tip: You can alternatively make a video, audio playlist or website showreel if you wish, but industry clients often prefer to have something physical in their hands such as a CD or DVD.