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Audio Masterclass /ONE courses are all about your journey from aspiring producer to pro producer. These courses will give you everything you need to know, understand, and be able to carry out practical recording tasks to a professional standard in your own home recording studio.

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All Audio Masterclass /ONE courses conclude with an assessment consisting of a bank of multiple-choice questions. When you have successfully completed your assessment, your certificate for that course becomes available. You can download it immediately, or access it later at any time.

Traditional paper certificates with our (real live human) signature, stamp, and seal are also available at an extra cost of $20 USD per certificate, including shipping by regular postal mail. If your country does not have a reliable postal service, we can send your certificate by courier service at extra cost.

Audio Masterclass Academy Courses

Audio Masterclass also offers a range of tutor supported courses with assessments of your practical assignment work, which is submitted online. When all of the assignments for a course have been completed successfully, the student is awarded an Audio Masterclass Certificate of Achievement. Due to the greater level of tutor support, Audio Masterclass Academy Courses are priced significantly higher than Audio Masterclass /ONE courses. We recommend you start with an Audio Masterclass /ONE course, which can be upgraded to an Academy course at any time if you wish.

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