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Zero-G release Nordic Noir - A substantial cinematic crime, drama and action sample library with 20% intro discount!

Created by renowned soundtrack composer Davor Devcic, Nordic Noir is a substantial new 3Gb Cinematic Crime, Drama & Action sample library from Zero-G.


Created by renowned soundtrack composer Davor Devcic, Nordic Noir is a substantial new 3Gb Cinematic Crime, Drama & Action sample library from Zero-G based on, and calling to mind, the great soundtracks from that bleak and beautiful cinematic and TV genre. The sounds from the 32 construction kits have been cleverly created so that they can be interwoven and combined in innumerable ways. There are also extra pads, drum loops, piano and synths.

"I wanted to use my experience working with directors, producers and music supervisors for TV and movies to give you a toolbox of sounds to fit any mood and atmosphere. This library has been created predominantly for motion pictures, so the audio format is 48KHZ/24bit. The samples work in various tempos and the ability to mute and unmute elements of the construction kits allows for a multitude of variables. You will be surprised how you can alter the mood of your composition just by doing those simple tweaks. Be creative - let this library be a good start for your next blockbuster or award-winning TV series." - Davor Devcic, Producer and Author

What you get...

250 Acidized WAV files

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

250 AIFF Apple Loops

44 Kontakt Instruments

44 EXS24 Instruments

44 HALion Instruments

44 NN-XT Instruments

Nordic Noir is the perfect example of the atmospheric and downbeat music accompanying some of film and TV drama’s most artfully staged scenes of murder, suspense, heartbreak and deceit and it's available now with a 20% intro discount until 12th December 2018!

For full product details and audio demos visit: https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-nordic-noir

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 29, 2018