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YouTube Review: What happens when you don't press the pad button

This YouTube video has a slight problem with the sound - the gain is set far too high and the sound is horribly clipped.


Comment from the author...

This video has a telltale mistake built-in. After using a dynamic, I didn't punch the 20db pad on the preamp. Thought about taking it down, but this seems to be a popular video. ...a good example of over-driving?

Why didn't I catch this while recording. I really don't recall, but I do remember a lot of mic switching that day.

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I will be re-recording a show on this microphone - with the 20db pad.

Thanks for listening in!


Well, it could happen to anyone, couldn't it? Getting sound right is a full-time job in itself. Try to do something else at the same time and you really need two brains to cope. Getting sound right and video right at the same time is definitely a challenge. And to be the presenter at the same time...

Full marks to the author for letting us hear his slip up. Hopefully we won't be making the same mistake ourselves (!)

By David Mellor Monday May 17, 2010

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