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Why you should watch a movie to the end of the credits

Do you get up to leave the movie theater as soon as the credits start rolling? Or do you stay to the bitter end? Of course you should stay - here's why...


Normally in the movie theater, as soon as the first credit starts to roll the audience is on its feet and rushing for the exits. Some impatient souls are on the move even earlier when they sense it is about to finish.

After all, who wants to sit through a list of credits of hundreds of people who you don't know and don't care? Imagine if the same thing happen at the end of a meal in a restaurant - the waited handed you a list of all the people who had helped prepare your meal, cleaned the kitchen, laundered the table cloths, dusted the cobwebs from the corners of the alcoves...

So, other than hanging around to see the music credits and maybe whether the sound was in Dolby Digital or DTS, why should you stay?

OK, let's turn it around a little. Imagine now that you have been invited to a private industry screening. All the people there are from the movie industry, or are their family members and friends. Now what do you think happens when the credits start to roll?

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That's right - everyone sits in utter silence, their eyes glued to the screen taking in every name. All the way until the projector is switched off. You have to see this to believe it. OK, if there are children in the audience they might be twitching by now, and rather than taking in every name, most of the audience are looking for names of people they know in the business.

But most of all, they are showing respect to everyone who helped make the film. And in the film industry, respect matters more than anything else.

Next time you go to the movies, why not give it a try? Honestly, it won't hurt!

By David Mellor Wednesday February 2, 2005