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Why do Macs suck?

An RP visitor wonders why he has been banned from a well-known audio mag's forum for criticizing Macintosh computers. Is Apple now beyond criticism?


Message from a Audio Masterclass visitor...

I love your newsletter.

People can say what they want to, good or bad. The same is not true of the [name of magazine deleted] forum, where if you dare to criticize Apple computers, you get banned for "trolling"

There is absolutely no chance of being re-instated because they do not answer e-mails.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

I was careless enough to post a thread called "Why Macs Suck" after I bought one of the first MacBookPro laptops, only to find none of my DAW's or Plugins would work because they are not Universal Binary compliant.

I had to buy another DAW (Pro Tools M-Powered) which I disliked because it was so different in work flow from Nuendo.

Before I was banned, I was called an idiot, told by the moderator that all my problems were "user errors" and generally abused by the Mac community.

But methinks I'm far better informed by the Audio Masterclass newsletter anyway, so thank you very much for that.


BSc MPhil PhD

David Mellor replies...

Thank you for your comments. It is indeed true that people can say pretty much what they like here. I used to go to the trouble of labeling comments 'flame' or 'pointless' where it was deserved, but in general these types of comment died out and currently I am very impressed with the quality of debate, and often humor, in most cases.

So if you have something to say about Apple computers, this is definitely the place for it. If you have something to say about any manufacturer or product, then go ahead and say it. If you can't find a suitable place for your comment, click the 'Ask a question or request a feature in Audio Masterclass' link and make a suggestion.

I deleted the name of the magazine because it isn't a bad magazine and, like all the other mags, they have to take care to keep their advertisers happy. Fortunately, Audio Masterclass doesn't accept any advertising directly from manufacturers, so it doesn't matter who we upset! Not that we would want to of course, unless it was clearly deserved.

So your comments please, now that you have the chance...

Exactly why do Macs suck?

By David Mellor Monday October 23, 2006

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