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Why are you recording at home when a pro studio would do a better job? - Take 2

An RP visitor's first-hand experience of recording in a pro studio.


In response to 'Why are you recording at home when a pro studio would do a better job?', Audio Masterclass visitor Kevin writes...

I know exactly what this article is talking about.

In my case the so called producer at this particular studio I went to just didn't have the same vision of what I had and more or less tried to take over the sessions because of his ego.

To make a long story short I was wanting a modern country style production with steel guitar and your basic country instruments. I had previously recorded several tracks in my home and had the wav files on CD.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

I was told beforehand that they could help me out and produce what I wanted. Needless to say the so called producer tried using a keyboard to emulate a steel guitar which sounded terrible but everyone in the studio was saying how great my song sounded and that it sounded just like something right out of Nashville, which was just a bunch of crap being fed to me.

After this bad experience I persued an online demo service that was a little better but still wasn't doing justice for my musical taste. After extensive search I finally hooked up with some great people, namely musicians in Nashville who I now work with. I worked with other songwiters producing their material but none of them were needing the Nashville sound.

But I had my own stuff as well that I was recording that needed that extra touch. So I thought there had to be others out there as well going through this same type stuff.

So I brought my offline production company "" to the online world and now offer others an alternative to the bad experience of using professional studios and having to learn their own home recording equipment.

There's nothing worse than spending almost $1,000 and all that time wasted for nothing. This can be detrimental to a new songwriter or artist trying to produce a demo.

I know looking back that you can also use these types of experiences to catapult yourself forward and not dwell on the past bad experiences.

I hope this helps someone out there reading this.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006