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What's wrong with this image? (February 2020)

Work could go more smoothly in this Focusrite-equipped studio. But what are the problems?


I could ask you to look at the image and form your own conclusions, and then see the answers at the bottom of the page.

But I'll just tell what's wrong...

The speakers are too low. Simple as that.

I notice that the right monitor (and I presume also the left) is raised up slightly by what appear to be books or notepads. This is fine, and I don't suppose the small extra bit of damping can hurt things.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

But speakers give their best performance at 90 degrees from a point midway between the woofer and the tweeter. OK, there might be time-alignment issues that tilt the output a little. But having the speakers point directly to your ears, at 90 degrees from the midway point between the drive units is the place to start from and experiment from there.

So this producer isn't getting the best sound from her monitors. Is there anything else that could go wrong?

Well yes. My own experience is that if I'm not sitting in the sweetest spot possible due to the monitors being at the wrong height, I can't help but adjust my posture so that I can hear more clearly.

If the speakers are a little too high that might not be so bad. But if they are too low, then crouching down is not likely to be good for the back. I can't speak with any medical authority but I can speak from experience that back pain is something that you most definitely don't want.

So what's the answer. Simple - raise the speakers. It isn't rocket science. Or angle them upwards, that works too.

There are times that you don't have to go the extra mile to get things right. Going the extra hundred yards will be enough.

One more thing...

The cord on the headphones attaches to the left earpiece. If the audio interface were positioned on the left, then the cable wouldn't have to drape across the producer's lap.

One more thing...

C'mon - We all know that this is a set up for a photo shoot and not a real working studio. But still it's a good illustration of small issues that can easily be put right.

One more thing...

At Audio Masterclass, we've heard great work from students using Focusrite gear.

By David Mellor Tuesday February 18, 2020