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"Walk Away Renn'e" by Eran Phillips

Walk Away Renn'e is produced By ERAN PHILLIPS. I met Tony Sansone in 2006, 40 years after he originally wrote WALK AWAY RENN’E....


Walk Away Renn'e is produced By ERAN PHILLIPS. I met Tony Sansone in 2006, 40 years after he originally wrote WALK AWAY RENN’E.

He put an ad in Craig’s list looking for a guitar player for his new protégé GJORGI.

Tony came to see me in my studio and hired me for the job before I had the chance to play a note. I was soon after promoted to the producer’s position and we started pre-production on a 5 song EP.

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One of those songs was WALK AWAY RENN’E. The first thing I did was to speed up the tempo of the song to accommodate Gjorgi’s hi energy persona.

I also pushed the idea that the song needs a rock&roll attitude. That was one of the reasons I selected to record Ron Thaler on drums. Ron, a Grammy nominated producer himself has quite the presence on the drum set and with Arthur Sadowsky on bass this rhythm section was complete.

We recorded Drums and Bass at Tainted Blue studios in NYC. We used hi end mics on the drums like a pair of U87’s as over heads, and pair of fantastic Royer 122’s as room mics.

We split the bass signal into two different pre-amps setting one to Arthurs specifications (clean and crisp) and the other to my specifications which was the mirror image (Fat and Dirty). I find that some kind of combination between the two usually makes the mix.

I recorded all guitars in the comfort of my home studio using my Gibson songbird deluxe acoustic, a Gibson Les Paul classic and a 1965 Fender strat.

I have two fantastic guitar amps: a Vox AC15, and an original 1960’s Marshal 50W JMP head running through a 1960 reissue marshal cabinet.

I recorded the acoustic guitar through a KMI 84 original Neumann mic running into an Avalon VT 737 pre-amp and the electric guitars with a 57 and the kmi running into a dual 72 vintech and the Avalon respectively. Finally both pre amps run into a psx-100 apogee converter for the best conversion in the market.

We did vocals with the same set up running a Neumenn U87 through the Avalon.

The song was mixed in an analog studio running from pro-tools into the best analog equipment around.

Finally we printed the main output of the board onto a laptop through yet another Apogee converter for best result.

Hope you enjoy. Eran Phillips

Further information is available at www.eranphillips.com

By Eran Phillips Thursday November 30, 2006