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Vintage prepare to make a little more history

The top-selling Vintage Historic Series guitars are to receive a stunning new colour finish for 2019.


The top-selling Vintage® Historic Series guitars are to receive a stunning new colour finish for 2019.

Evoking the traditional aesthetics of the earliest acoustic guitars, the Historic Series feature contemporary design features and innovations, ensuring each model sounds and plays like a modern instrument.

The solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides are mated to a neck that has a 12thfret joint; additionally, the bridge has been moved further away from the soundhole, offering quicker dynamics and greater mid-range, making the Historic Series guitars ideal for recording and fingerpicking styles.

Available are the V440AQ Orchestra, V660AQ Drop Shoulder and V880AQ Parlour models, each sporting its own unique and gently-curved body shape. New for 2019, the Vintage Historic Series will wear a distinguished open pore Aged finish, accentuating the time-honoured appearance of the range.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The Vintage Historic Series is the crossroads where the rich past and the exciting future of the acoustic guitar meet. Pick one up yourself and begin making your own piece of musical history.

Vintage is distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS, and by RBi Music in the USA.

By our press release coordinator Wednesday January 16, 2019

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