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Vestax CDR-07 Now £629!

The CDR-07 from Vestax is one of few remaining CD-RW recording machines in the market, and now you can get your hands on one without blowing the bank. With on board microphone and line level inputs as well as 24 ADA converter, the CDR-07 reads and plays CD-R, CDR-DA, CD-RW, and CD-RW-DA. The unit can be used for music production, transferring vinyl to CD / MP3, or creating samples, jingles and loops on the fly.


When it was launched the unit retailed at £799, but as of now you can pick up one of these nifty gadgets at SRP £629 (inc VAT).

“Most manufacturers have moved away from the CD format as mechanisms were no longer available. Vestax bought all Sony’s mechanisms and put them into this fantastic performance CD recorder,” says Vestax’s UK Distributor.

A superb product for DJ’s and music production, the CDR-07 is also great fun to use.SRP £629 inc VAT.

For more information, go to www.leisuretec.co.uk / www.vestax.co.uk

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