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Version 2 of Project5 Unveiled

New streamlined user interface, high performance audio engine, integrated multitrack audio, per-track pattern triggering and dynamic arpeggiator, loop reconstruction tools, multimode sampling synthesizer, PSYN II subtractive synthesizer, freeze, in-track automation, and more...



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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio anuary 21, 2005

Cakewalk has unveiled the Project5 Version 2 performance workstation. The next-generation of the Project5 open studio environment features a streamlined design, optimized for immediacy, that provides everything you need to take your music from inspiration to studio and stage. Project5 Version 2 has a $429 MSRP U.S. and is scheduled for release in April 2005. Customers that purchase full retail packages of Project5 Version 1 or 1.5 after February 1, 2005 will receive a free upgrade to Project5 Version 2 directly from Cakewalk.

Project5 soft synth workstation was introduced in 2003 to address the needs of musicians looking for new environments to create, compose, and perform with live soft synths. Project5 version 1 delivered an innovative, open synth host that combined the best of live input MIDI recording, pattern based sequencing, and ACID loop support, along with great sounding synths and samplers.

Project5 Version 2 presents the next stage of Project5's evolution offering the following key enhancements:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • High performance engine
  • Integrated multitrack audio
  • Multipad pattern triggering
  • Loop reconstruction
  • Dynamic arpeggiator
  • Multimode sampling synthesizer
  • PSYN II subtractive synthesizer
  • more

New UI -- Project5 Version 2 sports a streamlined user interface with all views and tools integrated to provide the most intuitive workflow possible.

High Performance Engine -- With Version 2, Project5's audio engine has been customized to stand up to the real-time rigors of live performance.

Integrated Multitrack Audio -- multitrack audio recording and editing tools have been intelligently incorporated, providing all the tools you need to take projects from inspiration to completion.

Multipad Groove Trigger -- real-time, per-track pattern triggering pads have been fully integrated into Project5's workspace; drag-drop between song arrangement and Multipad; populate cells with audio clips and MIDI patterns without any disruption to the audio engine; live control via MIDI remote control.

Loop Reconstruction -- per-slice control of pitch, pan, and gain; rearrange and nudge slices; export new ACID-format loops, seamless drag-drop rearrangement;export new ACID-format loops.

Dynamic Arpeggiator -- performance-oriented, per-track arpeggiator that allows real-time control of notes and automation parameters; includes hundreds of patterns and classic algorithms.

Multi-mode Sampling Synthesizer -- the first rgc:audio-engineered plug-in to be included in a Cakewalk product (see related rgc: audio acquisition announcement); a robust world-class instrument featuring a versatile engine, graphical modulation section, and internal effects stages. Mix and layer rich tones using up to four voices from quality stereo samples, wave guide synthesis, and analog style synthesis; includes an extensive array of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments, loops, sound effects, and sound-scapes; heavy on features, light on CPU.

PSYN II -- provides classic analog sounds and evocative new sounds through full-featured subtractive synthesis modeling. New for version 2: drive, delay, and modulation effects settings provide expanded sonic horizons. Additional enhancements include: freeze, tap tempo, track inspector view, in-track automation, drag and drop patterns between plug-ins and Project5, more.

Plus the key features that defined Project5 Version 1

  • Pattern sequencing and arranging tools
  • Advanced synth layering and keyboard mapping
  • Track patches for quick preset recall of mix, synth, and effect chain settings
  • Open support for DirectX and VST instruments and effects
  • ReWire client capabilities
  • Instruments including DS-864 multi format digital sampler, nPulse analog modular drum synthesizer, Velocity drum sampler, Cyclone DXi groove sampler.
  • Support for industry standard sample formats
  • Pattern and loop-based creation tools that include the P-SEQ, pattern sequencer and unsurpassed ACID-compatible loop integration
  • Automatable effects: Envelope/LFO Filter, Stereo Delay/Echo, High Frequency Exciter, Classic Phaser, Studio Reverb, Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Stereo 7-band Graphic EQ, Stereo 2-band Parametric EQ and Compressor/Gate

Pricing and Availability

Project5 Version 2 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $429 U.S. and will be available April 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.cakewalk.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday February 3, 2005