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Useful Arts Audio debuts the SFP-30

One channel tube preamp inspired by the classic V76.


Inspired by the classic Telefunken preamps of the past, Peter Swann, founder of Useful Arts Audio, has introduced the SFP-30 Microphone Preamplifier ($1299 MAP). Designed with all the same quality components of Useful Arts Audio’s SFP-60 Tube Microphone Preamplifier, the SFP-30 is a one-channel Class-A mic tube preamp with a variable control for second-order harmonic distortion.  The tabletop design delivers the same incredible sound quality as the SFP-60 – while allowing a lower price point!

As with the SFP-60, Swann designed the SFP-30 with different gain stages to utilize the tubes for what they are best for – accentuating harmonics.  The one of a kind ‘Color’ control provides an incredible amount of artistic distortion to make those mixes stand out.   In addition, the SFP-30 uses a massive inductor - providing maximum headroom (over 55 dB of useable gain!).   The end result, vocals and instruments are up-front in the mix.

Useful Arts Audio SFP-30 ($1299 MAP)
Although not a clone, this preamp design is reminiscent of the 
classic preamps used during the 60’s.
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About Useful Arts Audio:

Useful Arts Audio was born out of a quest for vibrant ‘straight from the source’ sound. Using circuit topologies inspired by the most treasured gear of the 40s, 50s and 60s, Useful Arts Audio products are optimized to achieve specific sonic goals.  All products are hand-built in the USA for recording professionals and musicians.

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Useful Arts Audio products are distributed by Wave Distro:

Wave Distro was established in 1996 by Gil Griffith to provide artists, music stores, pro audio dealers and international audio distributors with the finest and most interesting audio products available.  Useful Arts products are found at select pro audio retailers.

By our press release coordinator Tuesday October 16, 2018