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Underworld take to the stage thanks to the unique work of Kenton - the world's premier bespoke electronics manufacture

Leading electronics experts Kenton aren't just about retro-fitting classic pre-MIDI synths, although that's certainly what they've become famous for. They also design and build bespoke electronic solutions that allow some of the world's biggest bands to take their studio-based creations to the stage, including techno gods Underworld...


Underworld are one of the best known bands on the planet, renowned for putting on some of the most striking and awe-inspiring live performances bar none - but even they aren't immune to the complications of getting those studio mixes working perfectly in a live situation. But luckily for Mal Corbett, Underworld's long-time Stage Manager, there's one place to go when the band need results they can trust - Kenton Electronics.

"Our involvement with Kenton started around 1996 when we had a problem running and synchronizing multiple computer-based sequencers. The box Kenton ended up making for us is now an essential element of Underworld's live equipment."

"Basically it stops the MIDI clock that's coming from the main Logic sequence to either one of the other four computers we run live. We can then restart the MIDI clock, all while keeping in time with the main iMac. We have four of these small, custom-built boxes, each controlling the MIDI clock to the other computers. And despite the simplicity it's hard to exaggerate just how important this piece of kit has become."

The next encounter with Kenton came about when the band wanted to use Apple Logic's 'Touch Tracks' function on stage, a function whereby you can play or mute MIDI tracks in a Logic sequence simply by playing a keyboard."

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"The main shortcomings, however, were the lack of any clear indication as to which sequence was playing without looking at the monitor - but worse, a 'feature' of Touch Tracks where if the same key assigned to the current sequence playing is accidentally pressed, the sequence stops."

"Kenton made a switching system [see enclosed picture] consisting of a box with eight small switches with embedded LEDs that neatly solves both problems. Though designed for using with Logic Audio, we've easily integrated it for use with Ableton Live."

"Another very specialised job involved stripping down a Roland GX10 MIDI controller to attach it to the back of Karl [Hyde]'s Les Paul and transmit the MIDI over a digital radio signal. It"s still my favourite!" This device was effectively the forerunner of Kenton's incredible MIDIStream Wireless system, as used by many acts today.

"We also had Kenton make a system of little boxes," Mal continues. "It would wirelessly transmit and receive the song number of the current sequence throughout a venue to our Sound, Light and Video engineers."

"I've worked with Underworld as Stage and Studio manager for 13 or so years, and throughout that time the underlying features of all of the customised boxes made for us by Kenton appears to be reliability and endurance.

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006