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"Tonight by Georgina Moffat (excerpt)" by Atomic Studios London

Atomic Studios London is a music production company. We provide songwriting, mixing and mastering services....


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Tonight by Georgina Moffat (excerpt)

Atomic Studios London is a music production company. We provide songwriting, mixing and mastering services.

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

We have in-house skillful engineering/music producers, industry-standard equipment and acoustics for every project scope at competitive rates.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: records production (singles, EPs, albums), songwriting/arrangement, artist development (demos), broadcast production (voice over, radio jingles, commercials...).

In addition, the studio can be booked with or without engineer to allow complete creative freedom.


We work on a Mac Pro-based system with Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live and Pro Tools LE 8. The audio interface is the Duet by Apogee. The monitors are NS10s by Yamaha and the Twin 6BEs by Focal connected to our A210 power amplifier by Lyon Forge.

We have a bunch of microphones such as SM57 by Shure and MXL 990/991. We record vocals with our SE Electronics Z5600 with the use of the SE Reflexion Filter.

The recording process goes through our Avalon VT737-SP and we produce and mix with Waves, Sonnox, Antares, Native Instruments plugins.

We also record with instruments such as an Epiphone SG, a Godin xtSA electric guitar, Goodfellow bass guitar.

Our amplifiers are a Marshall MA50C, Marshall 9000, Trace Elliot 7215 for the bass guitar. We use the Roland GR20 FX and MIDI pedal for some combos as well.

Listen to the track. It is a good example of what you do.


Atomic Studios London offers studio space letting for anyone willing to set their own structure.

At Atomic, we have 18 fully-soundproofed, acoustically-treated as well as control-room/live-room-adapted spaces. The letting comprises a dry-hire only.

This concept could benefit any producers that would like to set and start their own commercial recording studio/production structure.


Atomic Studios London also runs a training programme in music production, sound engineering and song composition in all genres of music called the Tyro Project.

It is a unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to spend some time in a working recording studio to expand his or her knowledge of sound engineering / record production / songwriting and networking, tailored to suit all styles of music from Rock to Hip Hop.

Further information is available at www.atomicstudioslondon.com

By Atomic Studios London Wednesday March 2, 2011

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