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The Behringer MIC 2200 - are the LEDs connected to the tube's heater?

Adding to the debate on the Behringer MIC 2200, complete with fake tube 'glow', an RP visitor wonders whether the LEDs are connected to the tube.


Hi David,

First thanks for the articles!

I read the article on the Behringer equipment about the tube glowing with LED's, Since I didn't read any information as to "actually X amount voltage to the tube? " Please test! what is the ma draw? 100 ma ? Please test! you where right there!! (bet ya knew you would get a response!) I would be most curious to know this, as it makes a difference in your article. as it stands I don't see credibility for or against the product in the article, or reason to print it. Other than a visual inspection and questions left for us reader!

Also if the LED's are connected to the filament voltage of the tube, Wouldn't it start the LED's with a slow glow of light? ( kind of like a JTM-45 or??)

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Crate used the same type of lighting for their Blue Voodoo Amps, I bet they thought it was cool too. And used it (borrowed the idea) like they do with all their products.

Thanks for reading!


David Mellor responds...

Thank you for your politeness, in comparison to the flames I normally receive whenever I mention anything remotely controversial.

Of course I could go to Behringer with my questions and hopefully get some hard facts. But that would kind of close off the discussion before it has even started.

In the meantime, if anyone would actually like to check the circuit configuration and the parameters under which the tube operates, that would be extremely interesting. Normal safety disclaimers apply.

Actually I love the glow of tubes. I like the smell of transformers as well (I don't think I can be put in jail for that). But the real glow of the tubes in my Fender amps, to my mind, beats anything that LEDs can provide.

Perhaps it might be an idea to run one tube sensibly to achieve optimum audio performance, and another really hot just for show.

Running the LEDs in series with the filament current is a good idea, although there might have to be some shunting as a 12AX7 normally requires around 300 mA, which is more than most LEDs can handle. If the heater is being run at a lower current then that might not apply. I don't know why, but I would feel more comfortable with that than with a circuit specifically designed to ramp up the LEDs.

By the way, I have said several times that I like Behringer products for their several excellent qualities. I can't think why a lot of people seem to be reading otherwise, because the words are just not there!

By David Mellor Monday September 26, 2005