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The Ashlee Simpson technical rider (2)

The Ashlee Simpson technical rider is whipping up a storm. Maybe she does lip sync, but a sound engineer has got a job to do...



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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio strong>Reader's reply to the earlier comment on the Ashlee Simpson technical rider...

Just a response to the so-called “Insider” on the technical rider requirements of Ashlee Simpson.

Neither I nor anyone else gives a hoot who you think you are in saying “But Ashlee Simpson is a hack and so are all who surround her.”  Personally I am not a fan of Ashlee Simpson but she is an artist nonetheless and admiration for her art is far from lacking, however, you as a so-called professional is lacking in your judgment on how and why Ashlee’s camp requires what they require for her performances. I would personally like to know who you are so I can steer clear of your LACK of professionalism. People such as Ashlee Simpson and Mr. Mellor have obtained their stature because of what you lack.

Perhaps you may not be a fan of what the Simpson camp deems necessary to operate her performances and recordings.  You may also disagree with how they operate their AR and PR departments but from what the readers have viewed in your response to Mr. Mellor, (and he deserves the connotation “Mr.” why because he’s earned it!) it would seem that you are not so competent yourself.  This is not a personal attack on your skills as an industry professional or your engineering skills (I’m sure you are competent) but rather an inquiry and concern on your public relation skills. If you are so inclined to by all means publish an article on Hillary Duff, I would love to read it and I’m sure many others would be as well.

You would be incorrect stating that you have some ground to back-up what you are saying. Simply because Mr. Mellor’s original article wasn’t a question it was simply a statement on what is preferably required by the Simpson camp to make sure her performances are completed to the best of their capabilities. You nor I nor Mr. Mellor has the right to suggest what you have stated. I’m sure if the Simpson camp were to knock at your door offering you to produce her next CD you’d jump at the chance! Don’t deny it Mr. “Insider”.  Perhaps you are not partial to what equipment they use perhaps you are, either way if you walk through my studio doors with that type of attitude you will find the directions to the un-employment office stapled to your pink slip. Unless you are directly asked by an artist or the record label heads to create the technical rider then you as part of the production team shouldn’t have any input on how the producer derives its rider requirements.

Frankly Mr. “Insider” I am appalled by this statement of yours “If you seriously believe that Ashlee Simpson is a serious artist and that ANYONE cares what gear she or her associates use, you are crazy!”  You may think that you are a god in this industry but believe me when I say this YOU ARE NOT!  Ashlee Simpson is an artist despite what you may think or perceive. You don’t wake up and know everything about everything but rather a learning process in which I and many other TRUE industry professionals would strongly agree and I would be safe in speaking for Mr. Mellor does indeed as well. Ashlee’s camp does and is continuing to do this very well.

Like I have stated before I am not a fan of Ashlee Simpson but I will say one thing KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Your obvious un-professionalism is duly noted in my books and I really hope you, in the near future, revise your attitudes towards artist and their integrity otherwise you will find your usefulness in this industry fading like your mixer.

I welcome your rebuttal.

Lee Allen
Evolution Studios Ltd.

By David Mellor Saturday April 16, 2005