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Still struggling for success? Your music just isn't cool enough.

The one thing most home recording studio owners have in common is that they are struggling for success. But when the people they are trying to emulate are simply so cool, how can they possibly have a chance?


Let's face it, you're not as cool as 50 Cent. Or was he last year's cool dude? Sometimes it's a struggle to keep up.

But what about your music. Is that cool?

First we need a definition of what 'cool' actually means...

Cool adj. Being able to achieve riches and sexual success without actually being able to do anything much.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Don't you remember at school, the guys who had a flock of girls around them but couldn't add, couldn't spell and couldn't even kick a ball? Yes, they were cool.

So cool isn't really a good thing in itself, it's more of an evolutionary flaw in human design that we have a tendency to admire people who don't provide anything of real value to society. They just have the knack of being cool.

The trouble is, it's important. You're struggling in your home recording studio, probably not because of any lack of intrinsic worth in your music. Your music could be the best ever, but if you're not cool, then you don't stand much of a chance of success.

So how do you acquire cool?

Answer - you don't. If you don't have it, you'll never get it. But it would be a wise idea to steer away from being uncool - there's no point in putting yourself at a disadvantage. (If you want some hints, try these tips from a 'hot girl from Orange County'. Err.. how can you be cool and hot at the same time?).

So take a good look at yourself and measure yourself on the coolness thermometer. If you're not feeling at least a little chilly then you are not going to achieve success as a self-produced artist.

But not being cool might have its advantages. The opposite of cool is probably 'nerdy' or perhaps even 'geeky'. Didn't do Bill Gates much harm, did it? In a field where only measurable achievement matters, cool counts for nothing.

There is another significant non-cool zone, and it is called...


Yes, if you have true ability, then you will choose the most competitive and most lucrative field of music there is, and that is mainstream chart music. Even hip hop has its mainstream these days, to the annoyance of those who would like to keep it for the cool few only.

To succeed in mainstream, you have to know how to do it. You have to be able to analyze musical styles that are transitioning from cool to mainstream, and recreate those styles in a way the mass market will find appealing.

Don't waste energy aspiring to be an artist. Few mainstream artists come from the ranks of home recording studio owners. Find a niche that you can master - songwriting, production, management, musician - there are plenty.

Succeed in the mainstream, and being cool simply won't matter any more.

By the way, Audio Masterclass never has been, is certainly not, never will be, and has absolutely no aspirations to be cool. Just thought you'd like to know.

By David Mellor Tuesday October 25, 2005