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Spectre 1.5 Takes Audio Analysis to Brilliant New Heights

Latest Version of Realtime Multi-Analyzer for Mac OS X Includes New Meters, Inspector Window and Specially Priced Starter License.


First-time users and existing fans alike have plenty to discover in the newest version of Spectre, the real-time multi-analyzer from Audiofile Engineering. Developed exclusively for Mac OS X, Spectre 1.5 not only offers versatile and precise tools for examining live audio, but also makes those tools simpler and more approachable than ever before. New features include an Inspector window that reduces desktop clutter, additional metering and filtering options, and a specially priced Spectre Starter licensing option designed for beginners and students.

"Whether you're working in a world-class concert hall, a home studio or anywhere in-between, Spectre delivers professional-grade audio analysis at an accessible price point," said Matthew Foust, co-founder and Managing Partner of Audiofile Engineering. "The new features in version 1.5 include several that were specifically requested by users, which makes us even more confident in our commitment to providing the best customer support in the industry."

One of the significant user-suggested features in Spectre 1.5 is the new Leq Meter, which measures the energy of a given audio passage (often referred to as "loudness"). Unlike typical level meters that measure volume moment by moment, the Leq Meter takes an average over time to provide a useful indicator of how much "energy" is implied in a specific passage. The fulfillment of this user-generated feature request led to the creation of a public Roadmap feature for all Audiofile Engineering software. Registered users can visit product pages on the company's official website to weigh in on the features and improvements that are most important to them.

Other new features now available in Spectre include A/B/C-weighted filters, calibration for VU and BBC meters, and a convenient Inspector window that lets users manage the Trace and Settings properties for all active meters in one window.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Students and less experienced engineers can now take advantage of a new license option called Spectre Starter. Priced at just US$49, this feature-limited version of Spectre includes access to the Level, VU, Oscilloscope, Spectrograph, Spectrogram, Waveform, Lissajous and Numerical meters. Users who wish to upgrade from Spectre Starter to the full version need only pay the difference.

To provide consumers with an up-close look at Spectre in action, Audiofile Engineering recently posted a video recap of a Spectre installation at the historic State Theater in downtown Minneapolis. The wide array of musical and theatrical events produced at this grand venue make it a prime location for analyzing and calibrating live audio. Visithttp://www.vimeo.com/17988850 to view scenes from the installation and to hear directly from veteran engineer Jay Perlman how Spectre can simplify real-time audio analysis.

Spectre 1.5 is available for purchase via Audiofile Engineering's online store at a current price of US$99. For more information about Spectre or Audiofile Engineering, visit http://www.audiofile-engineering.com

By our press release coordinator Wednesday January 12, 2011