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Sonicbytes Updates Product Line

Users of Sonicbytes' ERA, EST, and Gat'R for Windows can download new updates for all three products, adding new features and bug fixes. New bundled pricing is also available for those interested in purchasing the complete Sonicbytes line...



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eptember 28, 2004

Users of Sonicbytes' ERA, EST, and Gat'R for Windows can download new updates for all three products, adding new features and bug fixes. New bundled pricing is also available for those interested in purchasing the complete Sonicbytes line.

ERA 1.2 Pattern sequencer VSTi/MFX adds:

  • The GUI and interface logic have been completely redone. ERA now shares all the interface features of EST, which means that each of the rows in a pattern has its own settings for swing, gatetime, transposition, humanization, etc. Pattern editing is easier, and it now has the same 32-edit-deep "Undo" capability that EST has. People using both products no longer have to learn two ways of working. (Because of these changes, patterns saved using ver. 1.12 will not load into ver. 1.20, but it is possible to run the old version alongside the new.)
  • The sync-engine has been completely rewritten for better host synchronization. The Autosync option is gone--ERA is always ready to respond to both direct control AND to your host's transport controls.
  • Every row in a pattern now has a complement of four LFOs (with seven waveforms). That means 48 LFOs that can be routed out as CCs to target synths as part of the pattern, or that can be routed internally to the pattern's own velocity, gatetime, delay, or even to transpose steps. This opens up a whole world of rhythmic modulation of the patterns, Gat'R-style!
  • Two new arpeggio playmodes have been added. ERA can be a sequencer or a live performance arpeggiator.
  • A new Mono mode for pattern rows removes any MIDI overlaps for those synths that require monophonic input.
  • ERA can now load patterns and banks created in EST, and vice versa. You can specify the location of a shared pattern directory, in addition to a directory for ERA-specific presets.

Gat'R 1.1 pattern-based audio multi-effect new features include:

  • Two new LFO waveforms have been added to the six LFOs. A pulse with 25% duty cycle lets you isolate the first step in sequences of four, for rhythmic modulation. A 33% duty cycle pulse does a similar thing for triplet tempi. In addition, the plug-in's global dry/wet control has been added to the list of possible LFO targets (for a total of 30).
  • 7fan has created a new skin, "CelShading". In addition, a new "Flat" style has been added (with two examples).
  • The built-in preset manager has a new capability. It is now possible to move just the steps from one pattern to another (leaving all settings such as Open/Close values, Filter Cutoff, etc. unchanged). This lets you build up libraries of basic sequences and drop them into complicated patches.
  • Playmode has been made a global parameter. Switching from threshold-triggered to host-synced now applies to the entire bank.
  • A tutorial is now provided, and the number of presets is more than 100.
  • Gat'R now comes with its own installer. (The gdiplus.dll is no longer needed--support for transparent PNGs is now native.)

And finally, version 1.2 of EST, their sampling-groovebox VSTi, has been updated to include:

  • Sample loading has been completely revamped. Next/Previous buttons let you swap samples on the fly; or you can access your entire library with a hierarchical load menu that opens with a right mouse click.
  • Once loaded, samples can be automatically sized to loop to 4, 8, 16, or 32-step patterns.
  • Just like individual samples, complete instruments (samples plus all their settings) can be quickly auditioned in your instrument kit with a Load Next/Previous command.
  • Instrument kits can now be reset with a single command.
  • EST recognizes and loads patterns created in ERA.
  • EST gets the same new sync engine that ERA gets. With chaining, patterns can be virtually any length.

These updates are free to all customers. Demos are available.

There are three new bundled packages:

  • All-Pack, Price is Euro 129 (36% off) - Consists of ERA, EST, four instrument kits for EST by 7fan (40MB of samples and patterns), Gat'R.
  • Beat-Pack, Price is Euro 99 (25% off) - Consists of EST, 7fan's four instrument kits, Gat'R.
  • Starter-Pack, Price is Euro 79 (12% off) - Consists of EST, 7fan's four instrument kits

Individual prices for the plug-ins are ERA: Euro 69, EST: Euro 69, Gat'R: Euro 44. The complete set of 7fan kits can be purchased for eu 19.98 at www.7fan.com.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sonicbytes.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004