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Sonicbytes Debuts Step Sequencing VSTi Duo

The new ERA bundle consists of one plug-in for drum loops and another for melody creation, adding step sequencing to any PC-based VSTi host.


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Sonicbytes Introduces ERA Step Sequencing VSTi Plug-Ins

March 26, 2004

The new ERA bundle consists of two independent PC VSTi plug-ins: ERAdrum for drum loops and ERAtone for melodies. The basic functionality is similar to the well-known analog step-sequencers, but with added functionality.

Both plugins are sample accurate synchronized with any host that supports VSTi plug-ins and also with any number of loaded instances.


  • Host synchronization for tempo, transport (play, pause, stop) and step-position
  • Global synchronization (mute, solo, play, record)
  • Relative tempo from 1/32. to 32/1t
  • Sample accurate timing
  • Live and Step recording (step size and velocity adjustable)
  • Global controllers for velocity, gate time, roll and delay
  • Real-time Shuffling of velocity, gate time, roll and delay
  • Selectable midi receive/send channel
  • Live pattern recall and arpeggiator transpose via note-on (keyboard)
  • Lightweight user-interface with customisable color schemes
  • Editing options (reset, cut/copy/paste, +/-, move left/right, random, mirror)
  • Quick drag/drop for copy/swap between programs, patterns, steps and rows
  • LED's for visual feedback and live triggering of steps
  • Play modes for shift, split and pattern-select
  • Memory for 256 patterns up to 16 steps
  • Patterns can be chained together to any length
  • Panic function
  • Voice limiter (adjustable intelligent note-cutting)
  • All controls can be used while playing, even program-change, without discontinuity
  • Online help system
  • Supports keys, right mouse button and wheel
  • Small file size (under 500 KB), no registry or other system modifications
Per step control:

  • Control (mute/unmute, skip/hold, step-jump, dir-turn (both/left/right), tempo-change, sync-point, pattern-jump)
  • Pitch (any note, even note-off)
  • 12 percussion triggers (assignable)
  • Velocity (more dynamics than only accent!)
  • Chord (up/down 1-2 octaves, semitones, common chords)
  • Gate time (duration from 1/8 step to 16 steps)
  • Roll (note is triggered periodical up to 16 times, corresponding to chord/cut-up with adjustable length)
  • Fills (like roll but preferred for percussion, soften/louder, different fill patterns)
  • Delay (sample accurate delayed triggering to get the groove)
  • 3 free assignable (control-change, pitch-bend, program-change, channel-after touch)

A demo version is currently available for download. The final release will carry an introductory price of 50 Euro.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sonicbytes.com.

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004