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Session musician's view - Dave Clayton

A session musician's view of record production.


Keyboard player Dave Clayton's credits include Take That album producer Chris Porter. He also played on George Michael's 'Jesus to a Child'.


"I tend to bring it all, leave it in a room somewhere and bring out what I need. I've got masses of analogue gear and modern equipment too - clavinets and electric pianos, Roland System 100 up to the new Waldorf Wave."

Producers' requirements

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"Some get me in to show them how it could be. They rely on my experience and see if I can develop something from their idea. They might like the sound of a particular era and just let me jam and find a way I can fuse it into their track."


"I've had people quote MU rates to me, but people hire me because of my ability and also because of the fact that I can bring in a lot of equipment as well.

"The rate varies from project to project. I might work for someone on a small label for a negligible rate and charge the full rate to people who can afford it. I'm in the fortunate position that I've been in the business a few years and I tend to do things I feel will inspire me."

By David Mellor Tuesday February 1, 2000

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