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"Save It For Shipwreck" by Plainclothes Tracy

Plainclothes Tracy is an eclectic collaboration of two attractive young women and two handsome fellows whose goal is to make great music....


Plainclothes Tracy is an eclectic collaboration of two attractive young women and two handsome fellows whose goal is to make great music.

The Plainclothes Track demo was recording using a hybrid approach; a mixture of direct and console recording as well as in the box and console mixing. Tracking was performed in a project studio setup, my private studio, a moderately treated room, which is a 12' wide by 24' long. Mixing was also performed in the same room.

All instruments were recorded through a Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8 into MOTU HD192s to hard disc via Nuendo 3, whereas vocals and bass guitar were recorded direct using an ART Pro Channels. Microphones used on the drum set consisted almost entirely of condenser microphones except for two dynamics used on the bass drum and snare along with the condensers. A small amount of equalization, on the console, and compression, Tapco (Mackie) SQ2, on the drums but not the cymbals was used during the recording process. Guitar amps consisted of an Epiphone Valve Junior with matching speaker cabinet and a Kustom Tube 12A. The various guitar tones were recorded using a two-microphone technique along with a selection of stomp boxes before the amps. A mild amount of compression, ART Pro VLA, at record time was used.

The first stage of mixing consisted of creating an in the box mix; effects were used sparingly at the request of the band members, especially the vocals. Mixing was done using Event ASP 8s. The next stage consisted of summing the stems, vocals, bass guitar, guitars, drums, and effects  along with the in the box mix using the Studiomaster and printing two sets of stereo tracks to an Otari MX 5050 QBII 4-track ΒΌ tape at 15ips; two tracks printed conservatively and two somewhat saturated. The final tracks were then mixed to taste, a blend of tape saturation along with the conservative tracks, equalized a bit, sweetened and enhanced with a harmonic exciter, and peak limited.

Further information is available at www.myspace.com/plainclothestracy

By Plainclothes Tracy Monday December 3, 2012
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