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Recording Studio Engineer Wanted - pay up to £25,551 ($46,917)

It's not often you see a job for a recording engineer advertised. But today you do! And the pay isn't bad either...


Make no mistake, this is the most fantastic job opportunity you are likely to see for the rest of this decade.

Firstly, this kind of job is hardly ever advertised. You usually have to be 'in the know' to get to be a recording engineer.

Secondly, the ad doesn't ask for a great deal of professional experience. You could apply even if you have never worked as a recording engineer before, as long as you have the right academic qualifications. (If you don't have the qualifications but do have the experience, I would still apply, and make sure they understand what your strengths are.)

Thirdly, the pay isn't bad! Many engineers start out by working for nothing but free use of studio downtime. Either that or the minimum legal wage. But even the starting rate of £22,665 ($41,617) is pretty good for a first job.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

"But I don't want to work for an academy of music and drama, I want to work in a proper studio."

Yes, I can hear many people saying that. But this would be a step on the ladder of experience. And the experience you could get from this would be amazing. You would be working with instrumentalists and singers of all types, in every possible combination all the way up to full orchestra.

And naturally, many of the students will play guitars and electronic instruments too. I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a number of composers and songwriters too.

So don't wait. Send in your application now. You will need to be able to work legally in the United Kingdom. Sorry, but I can't help with a visa.

Truly, this is an amazing opportunity to get the kind of experience that money simply can not buy.

Go for it! Go for it!! Go for it!!!

P.S. Go for it!!!!

By David Mellor Saturday July 1, 2006