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Record Company Launches DVD Documentary Using Own Labels Bands for Music

From Marcy Playground to Warrior, G-Zero to Freakhouse, the bands from Reality Entertainment have been used in a unique new DVD by author Philip Gardiner.


The brand new DVD from author Philip Gardiner, entitled Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed is being peer reviewed to great acclaim. International best selling author of over 170 books, Brad Steiger, said on the Jeff Rense show that it was a 'must see for everyone' and that 'it held the truth.'

Dr Sandra Gaskin, a well-known metaphysical expert said, 'I found it to be extremely thought-provoking and well presented. I think you’ll find as I did, that Gardiner is a metaphysical marvel & we are privileged to share in the fruits of his labors.' She went on to say that it 'was like a music video' becuase of the exciting way that the labels bands have been used in the dvd.

Dr John Jay Harper, an author and clinical hypnotherapist said 'One of the most visually and musically synchronized DVDs that I have ever seen yet. This is the new cutting-edge in this genre beyond a doubt. In fact, after reading the book, then watching this author's Gnosis DVD, I was stunned to find that I, too, finally understood the secrets of Solomon's Temple and Freemasonry.' He went on to commend the book of the same name, also recently released, 'Read this book, then watch this DVD, and you too will become alive to the legends in your family tree and the 'serpent power' spiraling within your body-mind-spirit awaiting to manifest a whole new life in the future from your blood, sweat, and tears shed in the past!'

The DVD follows the author on a world-wide trail to uncover the secret of this enigmatic mystery and comes away with some startling new insights that are finding a home in a great many minds. Gardiner has now done over 400 radio interviews, recorded a Freemasonry documentary for Discovery Channel and several TV chat shows. Dozens and dozens of magazines from Italy to the USA are covering the amazing new discovery over the coming weeks.

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The DVD was written, filmed and directed by the author, who said he wanted to maintain control due to the depth of the work. However it has been co-produced by one of the world's leading record companies, Reality Entertainment, who have such bands as Krokus, Marcy Playground and K.C. and the Sunshine Band in their fold.

So did the Temple exist? Not according to the author, who clearly shows that the evidence is sadly lacking, but that the truth is much more profound than anybody could imagine. One 32nd degree Freemason, out of the hundreds that have emailed the author, said 'Thank you for showing me the truth behind the symbols I have been seeing for decades.'

For more information and to see a trailer go to www.gnosisbookdvd.com . The DVD and book are both widely available from most bookstores and online at amazon.com.


For more information or to book an interview with the author please email books@radikalbooks.com or info@reality-entertainment.com

For more information, go to www.gnosisbookdvd.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday July 19, 2012