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Recent news from the planet Sydney - manufacturer of scent blenders bought out

Strange things happen on the planet Sydney. But none of it is real. It's only a fiction...


An entirely fictitious story...

Legendary scent blender manufacturer DJT-Neige has been bought out in a surprise move by training company SASE.

This is a surprise in the sense that it seemed that DJT-Neige's place in the industry was rock solid, partially due to the respect in which its founder Paddington Neige is held, also due to the popularity of its large scale blending equipment.

However on closer inspection, it seems entirely sensible that if DJT-Neige was in financial difficulties, then SASE's already vast investment in DJT-Neige's blenders could be decimated in value unless the company was allowed to continue.

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All praise to SASE for their support then.

However, it seems there may be more to it than that. An entirely unsubstantiated rumor has been passing around that DJT-Neige was in more than severe financial difficulty. There is a fine line - not to say that it has been crossed here - between financial mismanagement due to error or incompetence, and mismanagement by intent.

So according to the unsubstantiated rumor, SASE had ordered and paid for three large blenders that have not as yet been built. If DJT-Neige were to collapse, SASE's significant investment would be lost.

So the unsubstantiated rumor suggests that SASE didn't buy out DJT-Neige, they took over the company and presumably its debts for a nominal sum, probably in the region of one Sydneyan dollar.

Perhaps they will simply have their blenders manufactured and delivered, then sell the company on. Perhaps they might really get themselves behind DJT-Neige and raise it once more to its legendary status.

So that's the news from the planet Sydney. Anyone got any stories from the planet Pleadnomoney?

Oh, let me just remind you that this story is entirely fictitious. Even in this fiction, it's only a rumor. And it didn't even happen on this planet.

By David Mellor Saturday July 9, 2005