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Rane DJ scratches its way to the top with white acrylic control disc for the Twelve motorized platter

Specially-designed white acrylic control disc makes scratching easier than ever, with great grip, contrasting black marker on white and complete immunity from warping.


Rane DJ (Rane), the established innovator in the DJ industry,  today announced the immediate availability of their new white acrylic control disc for the TWELVE motorized platter.

This newly-designed disc raises the performance to a higher level than ever, even surpassing the already-excellent current implementation. After using it, many of the best scratch DJs in the world agree that this is an amazing new take on vinyl. With a dynamic, contrasting black marker line on white, seeing your scratch marker has never been easier.

Similar in weight and thickness to traditional vinyl, the advantages to this solution are:

    • Better grip
    • Impervious to warping
    • More consistent slip
    • Doesn’t show fingerprints
    • Always looks amazing!

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance the DJ experience,” said Paul Dakeyne, Marketing Director for inMusic DJ brands. ”This new white acrylic control disc for the revolutionary TWELVE motorized platter makes scratching a more consistent, positive and repeatable experience for the DJ.”

The white acrylic control disc is available immediately with TWELVE motorized platters now shipping in the US. It will be available in July in all international markets.

About Rane Corporation

Rane Corporation is an established innovator in problem-solving DJ and commercial audio tools, professionally engineered with a focus on science, price/performance, and not frills and hype. Designed exclusively in the United States, Rane’s product distribution is worldwide. Marketplaces are DJ (performance, club, mobile & recording), Live Sound (FOH and monitoring) and Commercial (music & paging, networked systems) featuring innovative analog and digital audio products for each category. For more information, visit www.rane.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday June 28, 2018