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Progressive House and Electronica uncovered – producers Trafik release the most comprehensive sample collection to date...

Looking for the ultimate in sample collections? Then look no further – Loopmasters have raided the sample banks of the most explosive producers to bring you the very best in genre–defining sounds...


Loopmasters continue to take you deep inside the music that"s filling dancefloors the world over, thanks to the Artist Series – massive collections of samples straight from the hard drives of the world's hottest producers. This latest collection gives you the freedom to delve into 1.2GB of samples, including everything you need to make your own totally authentic release–quality tracks. Trafik, aka Andrew Archer & John Elliott, are signed to Global Underground, the world's foremost independent dance music label. As well as putting the finishing touches to "Club Trafikana", their second studio album, they've taken time out to produce one of the most comprehensive collections of dancefloor samples for those needing the last word in authenticity. With this collection they've left no corner of their hard drive untouched to bring you this inspiring collection of Progressive House and Electronica samples – the second release on Loopmasters' Artist Series.

If your music moves between House, Breaks, Minimal Sounds and more atmospheric Dance productions then you need to check out this original selection of samples from one of the most indemand progressive dance acts of the moment. Trafik are producing some of the most up–to–the–minute progressive dance music right now and they've done a brilliant job coming up with some of their best ever sounds and samples for this Loopmasters collection.

Featuring over 1.2GB of material, including 64 progressive drum loops (both breakbeats and 4/4 patterns), 35 basslines, 27 inspirational music loops, 120 drum hits, 54 percussion sounds, 40 bass sounds, 61 progressive fx, 36 atmospheric pads, 16 lead sounds, 16 piano samples, 19 hits and over 50 ready–to–play patches – this collection is a must–have for any serious Dance producer looking for something with a different edge and quality.

Tech Specs: 1.2GB DVD including over 488 Acidised Wav Samples, 125 RMX friendly REX2 Loops, 126 Apple Loops, full Reason Refill, plus 50 patches ready for Reason, Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Emulator X2, Ableton Live.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The Artist Series features exclusive collections of royalty free samples from some of the best known producers worldwide. Every care has been taken to ensure you receive the very best value for money combined with the best choice of formats and usability within your productions.

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Price and availability:

Available now on DVD for £34.95 including shipping or £29.95 as a download.

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006