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PMI Goes for Baroque with New Library

The subject of Post Musical Instruments' latest sample library is the Baroque church organ, featuring all 28 single stops with 110 samples for each stop.


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New Baroque Organ Sample Library from PMI

March 30, 2004

Post Musical Instruments introduced the PMI Baroque Organ sample library, a thorough reproduction of a church organ.

The PMI Baroque Organ chromatically captures all 28 single stops of the church organ and provides all available combinations of the real organ. To achieve this 110 samples for every stop are used. Every single pipe of the organ has been recorded. Beside these single stops, several combinations were selected so that all registrations of the original organ are available to the user.

Traditionally, conventional church organ libraries were popular because of their large impressive tutti sounds, usually achieved by providing a limited amount of combinations of many single stops. These libraries lacked the possibility to combine single stops at random, as in the real church organ. Also, most church libraries use far less samples for each stop, resulting in transposed sounds and strange timbre shifts.

The PMI Baroque Organ library offers all the single stops of a church organ and necessary combinations. These combinations are designed to achieve every combination of the church organ that can be assembled without running into polyphony problems on the host computer. The PMI Baroque Organ also captures the ambience of space. Release triggered samples add the natural ambience of the church. The library contains 2.8 Gigabytes of samples and is designed for easy operation. The library can be played live using several midi keyboards as a normal church organ or integrated in an existing sequencer environment.

Over 100 audio demos can be found on the PMI website.

The PMI Baroque Organ is available from authorized PMI dealers, directly from PMI on-line. The PMI Baroque Organ is availablr noe and carries an MSRP of $145. An introductory offer for $100 runs through the month April '04.

The library ships on a single DVD. Native sampler formats include Tascam GigaStudio, Native Instruments Kontakt, Steinberg Halion and Emagic EXS24. These formats are supported on Mac and PC programs via RTAS, HTDM (Mac), AudioSuite, VST, DirectX (Win), MAS (Mac), and Audio Units (Mac). GigaStudio 3 will be a free update for registered users adding IR based reverberation and ReWire support. System requirements: 3 GB of Free Hard Disk Space, DVD drive. Recommended system: 1.0 GHz (MAC) / 1.8 GHz (PC), at least 1 GB of free RAM, Windows XP/Mac OSX.

For more information, visit their web site at

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004