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"Pié Jesù" by Charles BURGI

Pié Jesù (A.L.Webber. Album:"SUNRISE"(Victor Entertainment-JVC Japan)artist: NAIR (AlaBianca Group) Art producer/arranger, Strings arranger/conductor: Charles BURGI...


Pié Jesù (A.L.Webber)album:"SUNRISE"(Victor Entertainment-JVC Japan)artist: NAIR (AlaBianca Group)Art producer/arranger, Strings arranger/conductor: Charles BURGI

1.Drums&Percs:accurate search from Sample libraries for a "pop-symphonic" project.

2.Keyboards:Roland&Orberheim Synths, Roland Piano. Echoed piano chords, weightless synths/voices pads and light arpeggios; only expanders internal effects.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

3.Strings:to achieve the require rhythmical and emotional effect, the String section was made up of: 7 VnI,5 VnII,4 Vlas,4 Cellos.

4.The "Crescendo fill&break" (just before the starting of the Strings rythmic idea) was created from a selection of a few old Percs and Synths samples librairies. After 4 years, I always find the result very interesting, isnt'it?

The Home Studio job was done on Logic Platinum with a very simple but effective AUDIOWERK 44.1Khz,24 bits.

5.Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra's Strings "SIF 309" at Radio-Sofia Studio: sessions were recorded on ProTools by an italian sound-engineer, Matteo Cifelli.

A perfect situation:_ A beautiful large hall often used by the greatest European film music composers and record producers.

_ 8 Neumann microphones, probably U87 (2xVnI, 2xVnII, 2xVlas, 2xCellos) in the most closest position as possible to have a "cool" sound; we've recorded a few performances on the choosen One to obtain a more fat and rich sound.

_ 4 other mics were set up to put down the real Sofia-Studio Hall ambient in case of ...

6.Recording of the Bass guitar directly in line. 7.Lead Voices were recorded on ProTools with a _ SM86 or a SM87A Vocal Microphone, Cardioid, Condenser,using a Red1 Focusrite Classic Quad pre-amplifier.

Other more well-known mics were tried for the purpose. In that case, the Shure SM... gave us the best result.

8.Pié Jesù and a few other tracks were simply mixed on a couple of Yamaha 02R, a pair of Apple G4, ProTools and Logic Platinum, using a single external digital effect on the lead voices. Just a small amount of the recorded Large Hall ambient was applied to the Strings.

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By Charles Burg Thursday November 30, 2006