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Non-Lethal Applications announce Video Slave 4 and new ADR master software designed for ADR professionals

Non-Lethal Applications, creators of quality video playback software for Mac, announce Video Slave 4, offering new features, improvements and bug fixes.Video Slave 4 and ADR Master both offer rock-solid playback of movies in sync to MIDI Timecode.


Non-Lethal Applications, creators of quality video playback software for Mac, announce Video Slave 4, offering new features, improvements and bug fixes.Video Slave 4 and ADR Master both offer rock-solid playback of movies in sync to MIDI Timecode.

Version Independent New Features:

  • Video Slave/ADR Master has been rewritten from the ground up to clear the way for future Windows releases.
  • Video Slave/ADR Master now use PACE (machine or iLok 2/3) for perpetual licenses allowing users to take licenses with them from studio to studio.
  • Moved from a playlist-based to a timeline-based approach. This is clearly the biggest and most important change and it required surgery at the very heart of the application which now allows for editing with a high degree of flexibility.
  • Central project Media Bin to keep track of the files
  • Multiple timelines per project
    • Multiple video and audio tracks per timeline
    • Several use cases. Examples;
      • reel-based feature film
      • one timeline with all the reels at the respective hours
      • one timeline with tied reels for presentation
  • Improved Blackmagic and AJA performance

New ADR Master Software

ADR Master is the new ADR cueing and recording solution from Non-Lethal Applications. It includes all the features Video Slave 4 Pro offers but adds vital tools for cueing and recording ADR. ADR Master comes in two versions: ADR Master Editor and ADR Master Studio.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

ADR Master Editor

ADR Master Editor is Non-Lethal Applications’ state-of-the-art ADR cueing solution which includes all the features of Video Slave 4 plus; Import cues from a number of supported file formats or grab them directly from your DAW and when you're done cueing export or print them or send them to Pro Tools as region groups.

ADR Master Studio

All features of Video Slave 4 and ADR Master Editor plus; ADR Master Studio contains all the tools you need to record dialog in Pro Tools. It adds recording features like track naming and a sophisticated track mute/input/record matrix that lets you define what you want to hear at all times. In combination with the support for two Blackmagic or AJA devices with configurable output per device it makes it the perfect solution for all ADR recording studios.

Video Slave 4 and ADR Master’s synchronized playback works with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Cubase and Studio One or any other device that can generate timecode as a  source.

Video Slave 4 and ADR Master’s sync engine provides stunningly fast locking times and tight sync guaranteed: in many cases it's better than using the video engine built into the DAW.

What professionals are saying…

‘“The new media bay is a big upgrade from VS3, I can have all my assets in one place to access very quickly.  It’s a big time saver. Spotting and trimming my clips in the timeline is now easier than ever. Plus, having multiple timelines in the same project is perfect for keeping older versions of the cut around to reference. Using streamers while composing has been amazing!  You have a clear reference to moments you want to sync to in the picture. It allows you you hit things even off the grid while playing parts in live.” Tim Jones - Marvel’s Thor:Ragnarok and Lego Ninjago

“I’ve been a big fan of Video Slave for several years now. VS3 was a great upgrade from previous releases, but Video Slave 4 really ups the game with its new timeline feature. Now I can see where each of my video files from the Media bin are located as it relates to the project’s timeline. It’s really a game changer for me and my workflow.” Ron Aston - Emmy Award and MPSE Golden Reel Award Winning sound effects editor and sound designer.

“With Video Slave 4, it’s clear that Non-Lethal Applications is dedicated to finding new ways of making life easier for composers and sound designers. The new features have elevated Video Slave from a must have peripheral tool to at this point being an extension of my Digital Audio Workstation. Whether I’m scoring in Cubase, e

diting in Pro Tools, or spotting the film with a director, Video Slave is always up and running.”  Christopher Doucet, Strawberry Sounds


IMPORTANT: Existing users should check their account for special upgrade pricing, amnesty deals for recent purchasers as well as new installers for those on up to date rental plans.

Pricing for perpetual licensing is as follows;

  • £269 for Video Slave 4
  • £419 for Video Slave 4 Pro
  • £779 for ADR Master Editor
  • £2259 for ADR Master Studio

Includes all 4.x updates for Video Slave 4 and all 1.x updates for ADR Master.

Uses the PACE licensing system with machine or iLok licensing.

Monthly subscription plan is as follows;

  • £14.99 per month for Video Slave 4
  • £23.99 per month for Video Slave 4 Pro
  • £42.99 per month for ADR Master Editor
  • £109.99 per month for ADR Master Studio

1 year plan (includes major upgrades) minimum commitment 12 months.

Uses NLA licensing system with online activations.

More info

For more information visit

About Non-Lethal Applications

Founded by Florian (Flo) Loferer, Non-Lethal Applications is a software development company based in Southern Germany.

Flo was looking for an affordable, professional and dependable video playback solution that could work with popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and Studio One. He started to ask composers and those working in post-production what there was and soon found out that nothing existed to meet his requirements.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and so with a book on Objective-C in one hand he started to write code for the software he and others were looking for: that software became Video Slave. He laughs now because he says the first versions he showed around studios did the job but in his words 'were pretty ugly'. Thankfully that's no longer the case.

Fast forward to today and Video Slave is now in its fourth version and is fast becoming the go-to software for composers, producers, engineers and live producers for rock solid synchronized video playback.

From humble beginnings Non-Lethal Applications have found fans in all sorts of places, with our software being used on top movies, TV, commercials, live theater, opera, pop concerts, and in houses of worship. Non-Lethal Applications also make iOS applications for use in studios.

By our press release coordinator Wednesday December 12, 2018