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No really, you have NOT seen anything like this before!

JamHub is billed as 'the silent rehearsal studio'. Whatever it is, there's simply nothing else like it.


It's one of those things that's so crazy you'd want it even if you didn't have a use for it. It would be enough just to look at it and tell everyone that you own it.

It's one of those products where someone brainstormed an idea out of no-where, then suddenly everyone was wondering why they didn't think of it before.

OK, imagine the scenario. It's band practice evening. The drums are set up, the guitars and amps, a PA for the vocals. Everything is humming nicely.

Then you start up. Suddenly parents are yelling, neighbors are hammering at the wall, you can hear the wail of cop car sirens in the distance.

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

They all want you to stop and stop now!

That's no way to get a career under way.

But what if you could rehearse in near-silence? That would be a dream come true, wouldn't it? You could spend hour after hour practicing your craft and become undoubtedly the best band in the world.

And with JamHub you can!

What it is basically is a multi-channel practice amplifier with headphone outputs. The TourBus model, at the top of the range, has seven sections, one for each player, each with three inputs that can be used simultaneously. You can plug in microphones, guitars, individual keyboards or the output of a keyboard mixer, and of course electronic drums.

With its semicircular shape, each musician gets to control their own sound, AND they get to control their own headphone mix, with effects.

Oh, it records too!

I could go on, but I'm sure that's enough to get you started. You can see JamHub here...


It's worth noting that JamHub has not invented silent vocals yet, so you might still be in for a spot of bother when your singer does his Robert Plant impression.

It's also worth noting that the monitoring facilities that JamHub has are far in excess of anything you are likely to come across in a studio or at a live gig.

You're going to be really spoilt. Of course, maybe you should take your JamHub on stage with you. There might be possibilities in that...

By David Mellor Friday January 29, 2010