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New Version of Orange Vocoder Plug-In Coming

Prosoniq announced a new version of their Orange Vocoder plug-in, expanding the range of sounds and features of the popular plug-in...


April 12, 2004

Prosoniq announced a new version of their OrangeVocoder plug-in, expanding the range of sounds and features of the popular plug-in.

With a newly designed interface, OrangeVocoder 3 offers better MIDI control for the built-in synth, support for loading sound files, virtually unlimited polyphony, mono-mode with glide for classic R'n'B talkbox imitations, freely assignable filter bands, and a real-time 24-band analyzer control. OrangeVocoder 3 also offers 5 different basic sound modes and some very advanced filterbank effects, including a formant freeze function, a filterbank sample & hold option and a voiced/unvoiced detector.

The automatable "phoneme dial" lets you string together sentences without external speech signals, turning this plug into a vocal synthesizer. Phonemes are vocal utterances that provide the basic building blocks of speech - they encompass vowels, consonants, semivowels and dipthongs. The phonemes can even be played on a MIDI keyboard, giving you real-time control over all aspects of the synthesis.

  • 24-band virtual analog vocoder simulation
  • Bands srr assignable, and assignment can be rotated and shifted with a single mouse click
  • Voiced/unvoiced detector
  • Formant freeze
  • Filterbank reverb
  • Filterbank release and quantize (sample & hold)
  • Selectable sound mode for a variety of styles
  • Freeform EQ with realtime 24-band analyzer
  • "Phoneme dial" for selecting and morphing between predefined utterances
  • Phonemes can be directly played from a MIDI keyboard for realtime speech/singing synthesis
  • On-board synthesizer (2 osc/voice, LFO, pitch/amplitude follower, osc sync/ring mod, SOLO mode with glide, 24db LP filter with resonance and distortion)
  • On-screen keyboard for playing without requiring MIDI input, as well as full realtime MIDI control including pitch wheel, modulation and sustain

OrangeVocoder 3 for VST on MacOS and Windows is expected to be released in May 2004 and will retail for 249 Euro. The update from version 2 will be priced at 99 Euro. Other formats and platforms are planned to be announced.

For more information, visit their web site at

By our press release coordinator Friday January 13, 2006