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New Sonic Arts announce Nuance 2

Creative sampler gets a major update with workflow and engine enhancements.


Proudly standing out from the crowd of complex and cumbersome samplers, New Sonic Arts Nuance 2's streamlined and intuitive approach will boost your productivity and inspire you to create new sounds - fast.

Nuance 2 excels as both an instrument and drum sampler, providing an all-in-one solution for all your essential sampling needs. With the powerful Map Editor and unlimited Parameter Groups, Nuance offers all the tools necessary to create high-fidelity multi-instruments, key split setups and rich layered sounds.

Version 2 delivers a host of new features including…

New modulators – new Table Sequencers allow rhythmic, tempo-synced modulation of any modulation target, while the XY Pad provides a powerful link between the Assignment Manager and the Modulation Matrix.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Modulation drag and drop – assigning modulation is now quicker and easier than ever!

All new User Samples database – organise, batch tag and access your entire sample library within Nuance.

Cycle groups - allow 'Round Robin' behaviour across layered Groups, allowing enhanced realism in your instrument patches.

Group Multi-Edit – group and layer multi-selection allows convenient bulk editing of any parameter across multiple Groups.

Assignment Shortcuts – now allow quick in-place access to MIDI learn and Host Automation assignment.

Export to SFZ – in addition to the existing SFZ Import, Nuance 2.0 can now also write SFZ files.

New FX – Nuance 2.0 adds two new polyphonic FX modules: Chorus and FM

Drag files to host – drag samples from the File Browser and Database to your host or other apps.

Above all, Nuance 2 is quick, capable and fun, inspiring hours of sample-mangling and inspiration!

Nuance 2 is available to buy now with an introductory 20% off until 27th July, making it just £70 / $76, PLUS buy from Time+Space and they’ll send you 1GB of Zero-G samples for free!

For full details, to download the free demo, and to buy visit:

About New Sonic Arts

New Sonic Arts’ mission is to define a new standard in audio software – that means the best possible sound algorithms combined with inspiring, next-generation user interfaces. In addition to new NUANCE 2, their software includes the granular texture generatorGRANITE, the loop slicer VICE, VST host FREESTYLE and more.

About Time+Space

Time+Space has been supplying the creative industries with essential tools for computer-based music production for over 20 years. Their extensive portfolio of world-leading brands includes Gothic Instruments, iZotope, Native Instruments, Rob Papen, Spectrasonics, Synthogy, Toontrack and many more.

By our press release coordinator Thursday July 12, 2018