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New platform for legendary Nevaton Microphones

The finest handmade condenser microphones - since 1947. Nevaton microphones are among the best studio condenser microphones in the world! They are a brilliant choice for a wide range of applications - from the symphonic orchestra to pop vocals - Nevaton microphones have outstanding parameters and sound very musical.


Nevaton microphones are among the best studio condenser microphones in the world.

All parts, from gold-sputtered diaphragms to brass housings, are produced exclusively by Nevaton themseleves to ensure the highest possible quality.Each microphone is entirely handassembled and individually tuned by the highly skilled engineers and craftsman in the small, but specialized factory in St.Petersburg.On average only 15(!) units leave the factory each month!

Most of these microphones are already pre-ordered by customers in the domestic market. The famous filmstudios of Lenfilm, Mosfilm, Theatres and Operahouses like the Mariinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg Philharmonic, Moscow New Opera, TV and radiostations are Nevaton`s regular clients as well as major sound-production studios.

Through extensive and constantly upgraded quality control over recent years, Nevaton has reached and maintains a very high manufacturing standard.Each microphone is tuned and messured by Brüel & Kjær equipement and runs through several testing routines in one of Europe`s biggest anechoic chambers, which they have on site in their factory, before it is delivered to customers.

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Considering the fact, that the manufacturing and testing process lasts almost two months for each microphone, Nevaton offers an almost unbelievable price-quality ratio.

READ MORE about the long tradition of this microphone company, which produced the holy grail of Russian microphones - the "Lomo 19A19", used by bands like Pink Floyd, as well as oustanding stereo-microphones used by generations of recording engineers working in top class studios and world reknown concert halls.

Nevaton`s product catalogue includes outstanding stereo microphones, small diaphragm condenser mics, middle and large diaphragm condensers, tube microphones, boundary layer- and shotgun microphones as well as high quality miniature microphones.

Nevaton also sells diaphragms to service and repair companies to replace damaged Neumann diaphragms, including those for the Neumann U69.


By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006

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