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New Details on Digidesign's ReVibe Plug-In Released

Digidesign announce additional information on ReVibe, a new plug-in from Digidesign designed exclusively for Pro Tools|HD Accel systems...



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anuary 23, 2004

Digidesign announced additional information on ReVibe, a new plug-in from Digidesign designed exclusively for Pro Tools|HD Accel systems.

ReVibe is a full-featured mono, stereo and surround reverb plug-in that includes an extensive set of room-modeling controls. Engineered to take full advantage of the increased power and memory of the new 321 DSP chips residing on the HD Accel card, ReVibe gives Pro Tools TDM users a reverb-modeling tool designed to handle any reverberation task.

The 96 kHz-capable ReVibe provides eight entirely new reverb algorithms combined with an extensive collection of room reflection models. Its innovative Room Modeling algorithms allow combinations of different room reflections and coloration, and are presented in an easy-to-use preset manager embedded within the user interface. Interactive displays are used throughout the ReVibe plug-in, making it even easier to visualize and edit reverb characteristics.

While ReVibe is ideal for multi-channel processing, it also functions as a mono and stereo reverb. All of ReVibe's multi-channel controls are also available in mono and stereo instances, and add more density and presence to the reverb.

ReVibe's user interface utilizes some of the same interactive displays found in Reverb One, with enhancements that make them even more informative. Reverb reflections and shape can be displayed independently for front and rear channels. Reverb EQ and Reverb Color have been combined into a single interactive graph that accurately displays the frequency and gain of the EQ and coloration.

MSRP for ReVibe is $995 US.

Digidesign-approved Pro Tools|HD Accel system; ReVibe is not compatible with previous-generation TDM systems

For more information, visit their web site at www.digidesign.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004

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