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Microphone preamp Behringer VX2000 Ultravoice Pro

Review of the microphone preamp, Behringer VX2000 Ultravoice Pro. The microphone preamp Behringer VX2000 Ultra-Voice Pro is not only a high-quality preamplifier but a full voice-orientated signal processor, including equalizer, compressor, expander, de-esser and tube emulation...


The microphone preamp Behringer VX2000 Ultra-Voice Pro is not only a high-quality preamplifier but a full voice-orientated signal processor, including equalizer, compressor, expander, de-esser and tube emulation.

While some producers require a microphone preamp to be no more than exactly that, so a pure unprocessed sound can be captured, other producers prefer to correct, shape and blend the sound right at source.

It is often true to say that if you make decisions regarding the vocal sound during recording, then later decisions tend to fall into place because the vocal sounds as it ought to, and doesn't sound flat and unprocessed.

Of course, with this microphone preamp, the Behringer VX2000 Ultra-Voice Pro, you have the option to record directly without processing, or apply EQ, compression etc. as you need.

Although the Behringer VX2000 microphone preamp is relatively inexpensive, Audio Masterclass recommends Behringer products for their excellent value.


  • Mic or line inputs plus voice processing facilities
  • Equalizer designed specifically to complement the requirements of the voice
  • Compressor uses optical signal level sensing, like classic compressors used in pro studios
  • Incorporates a de-esser, also using opto technology, to remove excessive sibilance
  • In any compressor, the effect of compression can lead to a perceived 'dulling' of the sound. The VX2000 incorporates a dynamic enhancer to compensate
  • Excellent audio performance is given through the use of high-quality operational amplifier components
  • Tube (valve) warmth emulation is available; also analog tape warmth
  • An expander provides suppression of background noise
  • External devices can be connected through effects send and return connections
  • Insert loop for connection of external devices
  • +48 V phantom power provided for mics that need it. Switch-on is gradual to avoid 'thumps'
  • LED bargraph metering for level, LED display of processing functions
  • ALPS potentiometers provide accuracy and repeatability of settings
  • Shielded mains transformer for negligible interference
  • XLR balanced inputs and outputs. Tip-ring-sleeve inserts.

User comments

  • "I added this to my vocal set-up and was amazed! With a little tweaking I had the very best vocal sound I've ever gotten. Works great for all styles because it boosts the vocals and in a live setting it has a filter that edits out the drummer ie, snare and bass drums. This is the first vocal processor I've ever used. I saw it and thought it would be a great addition for the overall sound. My instincts paid off, BIG TIME! BTW it is also supposed to work with other instruments. i suppose one could run a guitar or keyboard thru it and that could compliment the initial signal/sound."

  • "Our bass player, who is usually not impressed with anything new and doesn't notice the differences in tonal qualities, really loved what this did for lead vocals. Instead of buying a multi-channel compressor, we have now purchased 5 of these (one for lead, and 4 for backup vocals). The quality of the sound is excellent, and I love the fact that it has XLR in and out connections, making the snake useable while still having the effects up on stage. The vocals are more powerful now because of the high quality compressor, and the silence is dead silent with the gate. The EQ functions are labeled in real-world terms, making it very useful. It can also make our vocals much louder than a mic straight into the mixing board, which is always a good thing with the volume we produce."

  • "I've been in broadcasting for 25 years, and for the price it can't be beat. Use it in my home studio with the Behringer B-1 condenser microphone and for about $250.00 the combo is great. Use the RE20 and SM7 every day. Have AKG mics at home and the B-1 keeps up for one-fifth the price. The VX2000 is worth every dime, compares to Symetrix."

audiomasterclass.com rating for the microphone preamp Behringher VX2000 Ultra-Voice Pro: 8/10

By David Mellor Tuesday November 29, 2005