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Meet the Ditto Jam X2 looper

Get off your a## and Jam! Auto-synchronized live looping is here, folks.


For the first time ever, looping in a live context with your band without MIDI sync is easy and intuitive.

Featuring our new BeatSense algorithm, Ditto Jam listens to your rhythm section and synchronizes the loop track to your tempo, keeping things nice and tight while you rip that extended solo - all with uncompromised sound quality.

Free yourself from MIDI clocks or click tracks and start looping when creativity strikes - on stage with your band, hitting the groove and riffing it out!

It's like having a back-up guitarist who never drifts in tempo, shows up for rehearsal, and works for free!

Speaking of rehearsal: Ditto Jam's Practice mode is the woodshedding tool of your dreams.

Speed up or slow down loops with tap tempo and sharpen your chops to katana-edged perfection thanks to the time-stretching power of BeatSense.

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Ditto Jam X2 Looper:

  • 2 on-board mics and a clip-on mic
  • Intelligent BeatSense algorithm
  • Practice mode with tap tempo looping
  • Dedicated Stop switch
  • Toggle between Rec-Dub-Play and Rec-Play-Dub
By our press release coordinator Monday July 23, 2018

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