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"Love!!!" by Maria Papovian

Music always transmits state of my soul....


Music always transmits state of my soul. The song 'Love' characterizes sincerity and depth of feeling and shows the whole beauty of love, all rises and falls. The music is rich of fresh and healthy feelings. The most exciting part of the song is at the end.

In order to show more correct the feelings I was experiencing I wrote the lyrics. At first I wrote the music. I had repeatdly rewritten, until I received what I wanted.

The refrain sounds in the changing tempo and this inserts special charm and passionate character to the music.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The song 'Love' I recorded at home.

At first I pluyed the sintezator wich is turned on to computer and in this way I recorded the music. Secondly I turned on the music and was singing while listening to the music by headphones. So I recorded the lyrics I cut the noise by Cool Edit Pro. Lastly I did the mix.

The song 'Love' isn't my only song. I have many of them.

I would like them to be recorded in studio.

By Maria Papovian Thursday November 30, 2006

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