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"lost In Motion" by TEUTONICA

Tuetonica 12 string acoustic/electronic home recording musican living in melbourne australia


Tuetonica12 string acoustic/electronic home recording musican living in melbourne australia

Equipment: Early 70,s ibanez 12 string acoustic guitarRode nt 1 condensor mikeSure 57 &58 mikesYamaha djx keyboardXenyx 6 channel mixer with onboard effectsYamaha qy 10 drum machineTascam dpo1/cd 8 track hard disk recorderAcer quad core pc (3 gig ram) 500 gig hard drive running vista home premiumPhonic firelfly 24 bit audio interface

Software:Soundforge 6Adobe auditionHarbal harmonic balancerWaves dsp bundle & effectsCubase le

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Growing up in the 70,s I was greatly influenced by Genesis, Yes, Zeppelin and the Moody Blues and after listening to Steve Hackett from Genesis playing 12 string, hooked me straight away so I went and bought my first 12 String Guitar. An Italian job called a Valencia.You could drop it off a truck and it would be still in tune” Laer in the 80,s I got got hooked on bands lik Duran Duran,New Order,Alphaville and other synthy type bands. Im not a keyboardist but I can manage one for recording my own material

After playing in duos for a number of years I toyed with the fantasy of recording my material and have over the years purchased an array of 4 track cassette recorders and have tried out my originals but I knew I would have to pay out to get to a studio to do something serious with them which never eventuated.

So here I am in the new millennium with all the software and technology I could have only dreamed about all for under $2000.00

After a lot of false starts and trying to record on software alone I decided to go out and get some hardware for comparison and see if recording on a hard disk recorder was more organic.

I bought my Tascam 8 track practically new in a hock shop for $450.00 and had owned taped versions before that so I was familiar with the tape models. I read in a forum that they were crap so I just thought I would give this model a work out and see what happens.

I soon realised that it was the low volume of the recording inputs that you couldn’t really use directly so I thought ok” they are crap” so I hooked up my 6 channel mixer to it and problem solved” I feed everything through my faithful Berrinhger mixer and with the 99 effects that come with it I have more than enough variety. As a solo artist I can really take my time and experiment with the sounds.

The Tascams do give a nice warm sound (very analogue in my opinion) so recording on them is a nice experience.After Multitracking, and Mixdown on the Tascam I then USB the master directly onto my hard drive and drop the track strait into Sound Forge and edit out the beginning noises and general fattening up which is faster to do on a computer. Sound forge is excellent for doing this. And with its own burning engine I can run off a track and have a listen in my CD playerOver time I have gotten to trust my ears so I do not over edit anymore than I need to and still getting the hang of it. (Teutonica)

By Teutonica Thursday November 30, 2006