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Logjam Music launches Chameleon digital percussion stomper - Winter NAMM 2020

A combined 3 channel mixer with digital electronics.


Logjam Music introduces the Chameleon percussion stomper, a combined 3 channel mixer with digital electronics.

Since the creation of the original MK I Logjam Logarhythm in 2008, Logjam Musichas continued to successfully augment the sound of countless acoustic guitarists, solo artists and bands, with theirinnovative and percussive ‘acoustic’ foot operated stompers.

The multi-functional Chameleon is a new direction for Logjam, incorporating high quality digital presets. These include authentic hi-hat, snare and bass drum sounds with an enormous dynamic spectrum, triggered by striking the surface of the hand-crafted sapele unit.

Additional sounds or backing tracks can also be uploaded to the micro SD card.

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The 3 channel Chameleon can be used as a stand-alone unit and/or triggered from an external stomper (such as a Logjam Microlog) using the “AUX” socket. It also features the ability to simultaneously send a straight-through instrument input onward to amplifiers or PA systems via the “Log In” socket. All three channels access the same balanced Neutrik combo “Log Out” socket for both XLR and standard ¼in (6.5mm) jack.

Like all models in the Logjam range, the Chameleon is compact, hi-quality, lightweight, tactile and features a non-slip rubber base.

With a full charge via the USB sockets or android phone charger, the internal Li-ion battery will deliver up toan impressive 24 hours playing time, ideal for buskers or beach parties.

Whilst musicians love products within the innovative Logjam product line (including the Rattlebox and Prolog) they are also popular with drummers as a quick “go-to” kick drum accessory/replacement for rehearsal, live or studio work. Now with the Chameleon featuring digital drum kit technology, musicians are actually in manual command of their pre-set percussion accompaniment, in real time.

Logjam Music.

Chameleon Digital Stomper, 3/channel mixer. RRP: £299.95
Includes Logjam Gig bag and 3 year guarantee.
Follow this link to view the product page:

By Our Press Release Coordinator Monday January 6, 2020