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Liquid Instruments Series Vol. 10 Adlibs - Experience Vocal Modelling

Ueberschall completes with Vol. 10 Adlibs the Liquid Player series. The Adlibs volume comes with vocal phrases and gives musicians and producers the possibility to add new color or ideas to tracks and songs....


Realistic vocal adlibs with re-synthesis capabilities are no longer just a fantasy. Maximum attitude, expression, character and more are here for your vocal arrangement objectives. Reinforce vocal ensembles on the fly with fully customizable vocal phrasing options. Sustain desired notes with processing integrity or take things to DSP extremes. With Pop, Dance, Soul and tons more dynamic surprises. Additionally beneficial for setting the vibe to help quickly visualize the whole picture for a piece.
The library contains over 2400 adlibs and phrases, both verbal and non-verbal, performed by three female and five male singers.
No additional effects e.g. compression or any other processors have been used in Ueberschall's Liquid Adlibs to ensure the purest results possible, thus giving you timeless and inspiring material to work with.

The integrated Melodyne technology engine gives freedom to modify, quantize, re-groove, timestretch, pitch or change the formant of every single part of an adlib or phrase for individual expression.

By combining adlibs and phrases it is possible to create own choruses and verses.

Liquid Adlibs contains many different styles and lyrics (British and American vocalists) to choose from: Pop, Dance, Soul, RnB, Ragga, Rave, Electronica, screams and spoken words.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Creatives, preferring electronic and modified vocoder-like vocals, may get some amazing results through radical pitching, formant changing, quantizing and stretching in the editor mode of the liquid engine.

Get modified!

Full 24 bit recordings, 800 MB, over 2400 adlibs

Liquid Features:

  • control audio material as simply as midi data
  • change notes within the phrase
  • adapt tempo and key
  • select from a wide range of musical scales
  • control all parameters in realtime
  • pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
  • easily generate your individual setup
  • high quality Melodyne technology
  • multiple content management
  • edit start and ending
  • quick sound browser
  • all parameters midi controllable
  • save audio of original and modified loops
  • export to midi
  • sync to host
  • great bandwidth of styles
  • highest quality recording equipment

Ueberschall's Liquid Instruments Vol. 10 Adlibs  is available for USD 199,- (€ 174,-)

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006