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Line 6 Adds Variax 300 to Guitar Family

Line 6, Inc. announces the launch of its Variax 300 modeling guitar. The instrument features a comfort-contoured body, maple neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard, six-on-a-side headstock, 22 medium profile frets, 25 1/2” scale length, and a 12” fingerboard radius...


Variax 300 takes the same technology and sound from the Variax family and offers over 25 historic guitar sounds.Within Variax 300 is Line 6’s patented guitar modeling technology, which can reproduce the sounds of a variety of well-known vintage electric and acoustic guitars, in addition to other guitar-related instruments, such as a resonator, banjo, and electric sitar. Modeled variations include solid-body, semi-hollow guitars, and hollow-body electrics with single-coil and humbucking pickups, as well as, several six- and twelve-string acoustics.

Variax 300 works just like a traditional guitar with instantly familiar controls for easy use. In addition to the standard volume and tone controls, there is a model selector knob and a 5-way selector switch, which changes the guitar models and selects the pickup position. The characteristic tone and volume control responses of each electric model are also accurately replicated, creating instant familiarity for guitarists. Variax 300 has a standard 1/4” output that easily connects to any guitar amp or pedalboard setup. In addition, Variax 300 can also be digitally connected to Line 6’s Vetta II amp or PODxt Live. Now it’s possible to create patches that incorporate Variax guitar models with the amp, cab and effects models provided by Vetta II or PODxt Live. Musicians now have access to virtually any guitar/amp/cab/effect combination with just the press of a footswitch.

Variax 300 is available in opaque gloss red or black finishes. Custom TRS cable and XPS mini power supply box included.

MSRP: $699.99 MSRP (red or black

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By our press release coordinator Monday April 24, 2006