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L'Nee, produced by Bugsy (aka Gem N I)

L'Nee is peerless, gifted and explosive; she puts the "E" in Entertainer. She is known for her unique style of dance that separates her from the rest. Hear her demo...


L'Nee's demo package was delivered in a neat, crisp envelope, but just a little tight for its contents. Opening the package damaged the promo photo, which was already bent due to lack of stiffening material.

Inside there was the picture mentioned, which struck me that here was an attractive performer who surely could be better photographed. Also a 'one-sheet' description of L'Nee's sound and style. It also usefully mentions L'Nee's appearance on American Idol. However, these days a one-sheet could benefit from graphic design and layout expertise.

The demos themselves were inside a further envelope, so no damage there (there often is). Both CD and DVD formats were included. Here is another opportunity to impress with presentation. Make no mistake, there are thousands of artists and writers vying for attention. Lackluster packaging will relegate a potentially good demo to the bottom of the pile.

Also, all contact details should be both on the CD or DVD package and the disc itself. If the music is really good, an A&R man might want to pick up the phone while it is playing. And if the disc gets separated from its packaging, it still provides the contact details. Don't forget your e-mail address!

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The DVD was basic, with just a single still image supported by the music. The CD actually was better - the sound was crisper and more impressive. It's always best just to send your best - leave out anything else.

Production-wise the demo seems just a slim but defining point below the standard you would expect of a commercially available product. Once again it is important to remember that very many people get to the 'almost there' stage. But few actually do make it all the way. This recording needs mastering to make it sound like a 'record', rather than straight from the mixing console.

The arrangement, particularly the background vocals is very effective, just needing that extra production gloss.

Finally, everything in the demo needs to support the work of the artist. I can find no fault with L'Nee's delivery. She would be excellent material for industry professionals to work with. However, my feeling is that the 'breakthrough' sounds and styles are not in place yet.

The first song "Roll" is excellent. It's in the class where if it were covered by a name artist then it would chart for sure.

But don't take my word for it... judge for yourself...

"Roll", performed by L'Nee, produced by Bugsy

By Bugsy Wednesday March 16, 2005