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Korg announces entry level full-sized keyboard

The new, entry-level keyboard includes a variety of features that songwriters, amateur keyboardists and even touring musicians will enjoy.


Leading synthesizer company KORG has just announced the EK- 50; Korg’s first starter keyboard equipped with 280 styles and over 700 authentic sounds. The new, entry-level keyboard includes a variety of features that songwriters, amateur keyboardists and even touring musicians will enjoy.

Those just starting out in the world of music will find the EK-50 keyboard to be a fantastic beginner instrument. Whether it’s for a student’s first piano lesson, or for someone excited to take on a new hobby, this easy to learn keyboard will guide learning musicians to create beautiful music with little or no training. With an array of styles that provide backing accompaniment, allowing the user to experience full band backing with just one finger on the left hand, or by playing chords, KORG has developed the perfect keyboard to help any player realize their artistic potential.

“Korg takes pride in offering a broad range of music-making tools to suit musicians at all levels, and the EK-50 further expands upon this drive,” says James Sajeva, Director of Music Technology Brands at Korg USA, Inc. “The EK-50 is an ideally full-sized and great-sounding instrument that invites seasoned and aspiring musicians alike to enjoy music making, music exploration, and musical performance easily and affordably,” Sajeva continues.

With musical genres from all over the world, EK50’s styles provide the support needed for any performance. The Single Touch Select (STS) function automatically selects a recommended style when the player switches, providing a perfect pairing of sounds without distracting the performance. Styles and right-hand/melody parts are compromised from the EK-50’s extensive sound collection including: piano, violin, sax and drums.

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The striking layout of the EK-50 includes a bright, clear display in the middle of the operating panel that illustrates the selected sound and style name. The principal switches are illuminated by their own LEDs, helping to easily visualize the setting of each function. The ‘Grand Piano Button’ included will retract back to the classical piano sound, regardless of what is currently being played for a quick and seamless reset.

The EK-50 also features class-leading built-in speakers, offering top-notch audio whether at home or on the stage. Starting at $399.99, the new keyboard will be available at select dealers in October 2018. For more information, visit www.korg.com.

By our press release coordinator Wednesday September 12, 2018

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