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Klein + Hummel Introduces O 300 Nearfield Studio Reference Monitor

The Klein + Hummel O 300 delivers the same stunning quality of the famed O 300 D minus the digital input and control hardware, resulting in a cost-effective price without sonic compromise...


Klein + Hummel, the latest addition to the Sennheiser family of brands, is introducing the O 300 triamplified three-way nearfield studio reference monitor at AES 2006 San Francisco. The O 300 delivers the same stunning quality of the famed O 300 D minus the digital input and control hardware, resulting in a cost-effective price without sonic compromise. As its more fully-featured sibling, the O 300 delivers superlative, uncolored sound, precise bass response, picture-perfect dispersion patterns, and a stunningly real soundstage with remarkable image focus and depth. Its precise and revealing detail enables the mixing engineer to make critical judgments with supreme confidence.

By utilizing a dense, new, extremely low-resonance material called LRIM, Klein + Hummel was able to mold the waveguides required for optimal dispersion directly into the baffle. The elliptical shape of the high-frequency horn makes the dispersion angle in the vertical plane more narrow thus reducing the amount of early reflections off the console surface which would otherwise interfere with the direct sound from the speakers (comb-filter effects), thereby improving spatial definition. At the same time, the effective horizontal listening area is made wider, giving the recording engineer greater freedom of movement in front of the console. The use of LRIM has also made it possible to align the acoustic centers of the two drivers exactly on one plane, parallel to the baffle, thereby preventing time and phase coherency problems at the crossover frequencies. This allows the individual drivers to work together perfectly to produce a precisely detailed soundstage.

The unit's eight-inch cone woofer is made of a special lightweight polypropylene material that has excellent self-damping properties. Its long-excursion voice coil enables this driver to produce very low frequencies at high sound pressure levels with practically no distortion. In contrast to common bass-reflex systems, which tend to blur the low end, the acoustic suspension system of the O 300 delivers tight, articulate bass, which is strikingly clear, detailed, and natural, particularly in transients.

The midrange is handled by a treated fabric dome with a three-inch voice coil. Since its mass is much lower than that of cone drivers, it has the advantage of being able to achieve superior impulse response and extremely uniform amplitude response. As a result, midrange reproduction is impressively true-to-life, especially with the human voice.

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The one-inch high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome that combines the transparency of a titanium dome with the low distortion of a fabric dome. This driver has been finely matched to its elliptical waveguide, ensuring exceptional directivity.

All three drivers are magnetically shielded, permitting placement of the speakers directly next to video monitors or computers. O 300 is available in anthracite finish as standard; optional silver, white and custom colors are also available.


By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006

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