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KK (aka Kevin Kerrigan)

Music Producer, Writer, Composer/Arranger, Artist and all round 21st century genius KK has worked on a diverse range of projects and collaborations in the past including Bjork, Brian Eno, Britney Spears, Natalie Imbruglia, Hollywood soundtracks, theatre and more..


'Versatile' is just one of several words used to describe to the wide ranging, consistently high quality musical output of hip young producer/programmer/writer/arranger/21st century genius KK.

With classic record-making skills learned first-hand from top producers and writers including: Rick Nowels (Madonna/Dido), Brian Eno (U2/Bowie) Nellee Hooper (Gwen Stefani/Bjork), Steven Street (Blur/Kaiser Chiefs), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Cathy Dennis (Kylie/Britney) - KK has learned an excellent set of tricks and experience to draw upon, and is now recognized as a world-class record producer in his own right, including extensive collaborations as a songwriter and/or producer with a wide variety of artists from Bjork to Natalie Imbruglia.

Additionally, his work as an instrumental composer and arranger has included music for both major film (such as with James Newton Howard on the Tom Cruise hit movie 'Collateral') and television (including the new British Airways 'Clouds' and 'Google Earth' advert campaigns).

So where did he come from? The advent of computer-based studio technology a decade ago saw KK expand his sonic tapestry into more abstract electronic & studio based sonic art and towards the turn of the century, he began understudying and eventually working together with ambient pioneer/hit producer Brian Eno. Retaining his instinct for strong melody, harmony and arrangement and the ethos of his more traditional roots, his recent work is most often seasoned with this contemporary edge brought by his exceptional and envelope-pushing programming skills nurtured at this time. Eno once described KKs programming work as a 'unique example of 'organic' musical use of a computer', as well as branding KK in general as an 'alchemist'

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Next, KK worked intensively with visionary Icelandic singer Bjork, who also became highly influential to him and over the past few years KK was also involved in the programming and demoing of many hit pop records - including work with the likes of Britney Spears, Kylie, Shaznay Lewis, Yusuf Islam, KT Tunstall and Dido. He certainly is an experienced and highly valued musical collaborator for a wide variety of artists and is constantly in demand the world over by labels, singers and acts of the highest calibre.

A fluent multi instrumentalist, programmer and truly visionary character, KK draws on his traditional musical upbringing (arranging and writing for orchestra, choir, bands etc), forging his many technical studio, programming/computer based production skills with these more traditional crafts - combining to create a unique, often unexpected zest for sonic originality and magic in his organic, musical, yet contemporary forward-looking work.

Evermore versatile and keen to broaden his horizons, KK recently released a children's album : 'Lullaby' with Zero 7's Sophie Barker (on SonyBMG) last year, and - in total contrast - his collective 'RAW FEAR' unleashed their shocking horror boxset : 'Raw Fear : The Ultimate Horror Experience' this Christmas.

'All-rounder' is certainly another word which springs to mind (!), and KK is certainly flexible - as adept at working with vocalists, arranging for strings, vocals and orchestral instumentation as with programming arrangements and creating sonic/studio based computer based music. KK is not only an accomplished programmer/arranger/instrumentalist himself, but he has also built up a fantastic team of musicians and programmers/engineers/sound artists who can work with him in creating his rich, exciting and highly original musical productions.

A rare example of a thoughtful, infinitely musical and intelligent producer (slash artist), KK enjoys and excels in collaboration - choosing his musical ventures carefully, seeking and bringing out only the very best in a collaborator or project. His great energy, talent, musical passion and his lateral, creative thinking in the studio makes him a true 'one-off' on the international music scene, and an incomparable asset to an album or almost any conceivable type of musical project.

KK is represented by Stephen Budd Management (

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By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006