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Kinsman introduce five models to their 2019 line of guitar and bass combos.

Kinsman have added five new models to their line of portable guitar and bass combos, with quality tones and a range of output levels from 10-30 watts.


The new Kinsman combos are ideal for beginners and students with limited space and sound level issues at home, or pro players commuting on the live circuit with the need for a lightweight combo that’s loud enough for small gigs, perfect for the studio or backstage as a warm up amp


There are three new Kinsman portable twin-channel guitar combos, rated at 10, 15 and 30 watts and the ideal choice when space is restricted around the house, or for players who have the need for a lightweight combo to take to practice sessions, the studio or small gigs.

Delivering a full 10 watts, the KGX10 guitar combo has separate controls for Treble, Middle and Bass, Master Volume and Gain, with push-button Channel/Drive Select and headphone out. The 15 watt KGX15R features the same control format with headphone and extension speaker facilities with additional control for the built-in reverb.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Like all three Kinsman guitar combos, the KGX30R has a durable, grained vinyl covering, vintage pattern speaker cloth, carry handle, rubber feet and shares the same twin-channel control format within a recessed, front loaded, angled control panel with additional high and low inputs and delivering a full 30 watts.


The Kinsman KBA15 bass combo delivers a warm 15 watt output with Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls, with extension speaker and headphone sockets aligned on the front-facing recessed control panel.

For a little more oomph, the bigger KBA30 at 30 watts has an added Gain control along with Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and output sockets for headphones and extension bass speaker cabinet. As stand-alone combos, both cabinets are ported to enhance the low frequencies, whilst remaining lightweight, robust and built to last, covered in a tough durable vinyl and chunky corner protectors.

The versatility of these new guitar and bass combos doesn’t rely on banks of built-in effects, it’s in the basic designs that Kinsman do very well in small packages without compromising on reliability or tone.

Ultimately, the new guitar and bass combos from Kinsman, complete the need for no nonsense, compact and portable combos with enough power and tone to keep you inspired.

Kinsman KBA15 15w Bass Combo  £69.99 rrp.
Kinsman KBA30 30w Bass Combo  £99.99 rrp.
Kinsman KGX10 10w Guitar Combo  £54.99 rrp.
Kinsman KGX15R 15w Guitar Combo with Reverb £79.99 rrp.
Kinsman KGX30R.  30w Guitar Combo with Reverb £119.00 rrp.

Kinsman products are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS

By our press release coordinator Monday June 24, 2019

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